Steering Committee

Mauricio Terrones

Willaman Professor of Physics; Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science & Engineering

Matthew Ferrari

Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics; Huck Career Development Professor; Professor of Biology

Gregory Jenkins

Professor of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, of Geography, and of African Studies

Camelia Kantor

Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives; Associate Research Professor

Participating Penn State Faculty

NameHome Department or Unit AffiliationRelevant Field
Nita BhartiBiologyDisease dynamics and links between humans, pathogens, and environment
Amanda ClaseApplied Research LabVirology, data science
Max CrowleyHuman Development and Family StudiesEconomic evaluation, policy evaluation and analysis, optimizing prevention strategies
Shannon CruzCommunications Arts and SciencesSocial influence, environmental attitudes, persuasive messages
Ida DjenontinGeographyHuman geography and social sciences
Aida EbrahimiElectrical EngineeringSensing, electrochemistry, nanomedicine
Matt FerrariBiologyCenter for Infectious Disease Dynamics (director), Ecology, Ecology Institute, Center for Mathematical Biology
Weihua GuanBiomedical EngineeringElectrofluidics, optofluidic devices, bioNEMS, bioMEMS
Vasant HonavarComputer Science and EngineeringArtificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics
Sharon HuangInformation Science and TechnologyData science, virus evolution, data analysis, Raman spectroscopy
Gregory JenkinsMeteorology and Atmospheric ScienceAtmospheric/Air chemistry, aerosol monitoring
Camelia KantorHuck Institutes of the Life SciencesHuman geography, location intelligence, education, professional development
Vivek KapurVeterinary and Biomedical ScienceGlobal health, genomics, bioinformatics
Suresh KuchipudiVeterinary and Biomedical ScienceNovel viral diagnostics tools, emerging viruses in animals and humans
James MardenBiologyEcology, evolution, pathogen resistance
Vijay NarayananComputer Science and EngineeringComputer architecture, integrated circuits and systems, operating systems, cloud computing
Andrew ReadHuck Institutes of the Life Sciences, BiologyWaste water monitoring, infectious disease evolution
Ayusman SenChemistryFunctionalization for virus enrichment, surface chemistry
Justin SilvermanInformation Sciences and TechnologyElectronic health, personalized medicine, surveillance of emerging diseases, data science
Mauricio TerronesPhysics; Chemistry; Materials Science and EngineeringVirus enrichment devices, Raman spectroscopy, advanced characterization
Kurt VandegriftBiologyDisease ecology, emerging infectious diseases, virus ecology
Yin-Ting YehPhysicsNanotube microfluidics, virus enrichment platforms