Strategic Goals (2021-25)

* Attract and retain a diverse community of the best and brightest faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs by providing an inspiring, inclusive working environment equipped with best- in-class facilities and instrumentation

* Fund bold and transformative research in the life sciences at Penn State through internal seed grant programs that spur new and promising innovations

* Contribute to the growth of the high-tech STEM economy by facilitating discoveries in biotechnology and training the next generation of research scientists and technologists

* Build upon Penn State’s reputation as a global leader in infectious diseases; food and biosecurity; and global health

* Advance Penn State’s capacities to comprehensively map and assess factors that interactively affect the health of plants, animals and people across natural ecosystems and the built environment

* Expand Penn State’s capacities in biomedical research through strategic internal partnerships with Engineering, Social Sciences and Data Sciences, as well as external partners in the field

* Continually improve administrative processes to foster healthy levels of innovation and risk-taking while maintaining security and stability across departments