Amanda Clase

Research Associate Professor of Global Health

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Most Recent Papers

Alphavirus antiviral drug development

Erin Reichert, Amanda Clase, Ada Bacetty, Joseph Larsen, 2009, Health security on p. 413-427

Oligodendrocytes are a major target of the toxicity of spongiogenic murine retroviruses

Amanda C. Clase, Derek E. Dimcheff, Cynthia Favara, David Dorward, Frank J. McAtee, Lindsay E. Parrie, David Ron, John L. Portis, 2006, American Journal of Pathology on p. 1026-1038

The Pseudorabies Virus Us2 Protein, a Virion Tegument Component, Is Prenylated in Infected Cells

Amanda C. Clase, Mathew G. Lyman, T. Del Rio, Jessica A. Randall, Christine M. Calton, L. W. Enquist, Bruce W. Banfield, 2003, Journal of Virology on p. 12285-12298

Corticosteroids are unable to protect against pseudorabies virus-induced tissue damage in the developing brain

Amanda C. Clase, Bruce W. Banfield, 2003, Journal of Virology on p. 4979-4984

Insertions in the gG gene of pseudorabies virus reduce expression of the upstream Us3 protein and inhibit cell-to-cell spread of virus infection

G. L. Demmin, A. C. Clase, J. A. Randall, L. W. Enquist, B. W. Banfield, 2001, Journal of Virology on p. 10856-10869

Adenovirus E1A oncogene expression in tumor cells enhances killing by TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)

J. M. Routes, S. Ryan, A. Clase, T. Miura, A. Kuhl, T. A. Potter, J. L. Cook, 2000, Journal of Immunology on p. 4522-4527

Mouse linkage cytogenetics (L-C) probes

Melissa C. Liechty, A. C. Clase, K. L. Puschus, S. Aytay, C. M. Carpio, B. K. Hall, J. C. Hozier, 2000, Cytogenetic and Genome Research on p. 163-167

Hybridization-based karyotyping of mouse chromosomes

Melissa C. Liechty, C. M. Carpio, S. Aytay, A. C. Clase, K. L. Puschus, K. R. Sims, L. M. Davis, J. C. Hozier, 1999, Cytogenetic and Genome Research on p. 34-38

Differential destabilization of repetitive sequence hybrids in fluorescence in situ hybridization

J. C. Hozier, J. M. Scalzi, A. C. Clase, L. M. Davis, M. C. Liechty, 1998, Cytogenetic and Genome Research on p. 60-63