Insect specimens

Insect Biodiversity Center

The Insect Biodiversity Center addresses complex issues in insect management and conservation through transdisciplinary partnerships across Penn State and beyond.

Who We Are

The Insect Biodiversity Center creates a unique, transdisciplinary ecosystem that integrates disparate centers of excellence at Penn State in insect biology, management, ecology, technology development, Earth and environment monitoring systems, data science and modeling, decision support systems, human dimensions, communication science, and education.

By fostering transdisciplinary research across a rich and diverse collective of individuals, the Center strives to leverage expertise outside of the domain of the biological sciences to tackle complex biological, environmental, social, economic, and political drivers underlying changes in insect species abundance and distribution.

As such, we strive to explore, understand, and promote insect conservation efforts that maintain and restore balance to natural ecosystems, while also mitigating the adverse effects of economically and environmentally harmful insect species.

The IBC is supported by the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Entomology, the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, and the Institutes of Energy and the Environment.