Suresh Kuchipudi

Clinical Associate Professor; Section Head Mammalian Virology & Immunology

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Diagnostic Virology & Serology -Zoonotic and Emerging Viruses -Negative strand RNA viruses -Avian and Mammalian influenza -Immune responses to viruses -Viral pathogenesis Quantitative-omics approach to virus-host interactions

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Most Recent Papers

Complete genome sequences of seven avibacterium paragallinarum isolates from poultry farms in Pennsylvania, USA.

M Byukusenge, R Nissly, Lingling Li, T Pierre, T Mathews, Eva Wallner-Pendleton, Patricia Dunn, D Barnhart, S Loughrey, S Davison, D Kelly, D Tewari, Bhushan Jayarao, Suresh Kuchipudi, 2020, Microbiology resource announcements

NLRC5 Serves as a Pro-viral Factor During Influenza Virus Infection in Chicken Macrophages.

S Chothe, R Nissly, L Lim, G Bhushan, I Bird, J Radzio-Basu, Bhushan Jayarao, Suresh Kuchipudi, 2020, Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology on p. 230

Iminosugars With Endoplasmic Reticulum α-Glucosidase Inhibitor Activity Inhibit ZIKV Replication and Reverse Cytopathogenicity <i>in vitro</i>.

G Bhushan, L Lim, I Bird, S Chothe, R Nissly, Suresh Kuchipudi, 2020, Frontiers in microbiology on p. 531

A probe-based real-time PCR assay for the detection of Neospora caninum in clinical samples from cattle

Rhiannon Barry, Ruth H. Nissly, Willard Feria, Nagaraja Thirumalapura, Deepanker Tewari, Bhushan M. Jayarao, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, 2019, Veterinary Parasitology on p. 2-6

Complete genome sequences of 20 nontyphoidal Salmonella isolates from Rwanda

Maurice Byukusenge, Lingling Li, Mediatrice Uwanyirigira, Venkata R. Vepachedu, Subhashinie Kariyawasam, Manassé Nzayirambaho, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Bhushan M. Jayarao, 2019, Microbiology Resource Announcements

Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) mediates Zika virus entry, replication, and egress from host cells

Sujit Pujhari, Marco Brustolin, Vanessa M. Macias, Ruth H. Nissly, Masashi Nomura, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Jason L. Rasgon, 2019, Emerging Microbes and Infections on p. 8-16

Whole-genome sequence analysis reveals unique SNP profiles to distinguish vaccine and wild-type strains of bovine herpesvirus-1 (BoHV-1)

Shubhada K. Chothe, Aswathy Sebastian, Asha Thomas, Ruth H. Nissly, David Wolfgang, Maurice Byukusenge, Sunil Kumar Mor, Sagar M. Goyal, Istvan Albert, Deepanker Tewari, Bhushan M. Jayarao, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, 2018, Virology on p. 27-36

Novel Flu Viruses in Bats and Cattle: "Pushing the Envelope" of Influenza Infection.

Suresh Kuchipudi, R Nissly, 2018, Veterinary sciences

Erratum for Byukusenge et al., "Complete Genome Sequences of Four Bovine Coronavirus Isolates from Pennsylvania".

M Byukusenge, R Nissly, S Kasibhatla, L Li, R Russell, Hayley Springer, R Barry, Robert Vansaun, D Wolfgang, Ernest Hovingh, U Kulkarni-Kale, Suresh Kuchipudi, 2018, Microbiology resource announcements

Complete genome sequences of four bovine coronavirus isolates from Pennsylvania

Maurice Byukusenge, Ruth Helmus Nissly, Sunitha Manjari Kasibhatla, Lingling Li, Rebekah Russell, Hayley Springer, Rhiannon Barry, Robert John Vansaun, David Wolfgang, Ernest Peter Hovingh, Urmila Kulkarni-Kale, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, 2018, Genome Announcements

Most-Cited Papers

Comparative distribution of human and avian type sialic acid influenza receptors in the pig

Rahul K. Nelli, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, Gavin A. White, Belinda B. Perez, Stephen P. Dunham, Kin Chow Chang, 2010, BMC Veterinary Research

18S rRNA is a reliable normalisation gene for real time PCR based on influenza virus infected cells

Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Meenu Tellabati, Rahul K. Nelli, Gavin A. White, Belinda Baquero Perez, Sujith Sebastian, Marek J. Slomka, Sharon M. Brookes, Ian H. Brown, Stephen P. Dunham, Kin Chow Chang, 2012, Virology Journal

Rapid death of duck cells infected with influenza

Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, Stephen P. Dunham, Rahul Nelli, Gavin AWhite, Vivien J. Coward, Marek J. Slomka, Ian H. Brown, Kin Chow Chang, 2012, Immunology and Cell Biology on p. 116-123

A simplified but robust method for the isolation of avian and mammalian muscle satellite cells

Belinda Baquero-Perez, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, Rahul K. Nelli, Kin Chow Chang, 2012, BMC Cell Biology

Mammalian innate resistance to highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus infection is mediated through reduced proinflammation and infectious virus release

Rahul K. Nelli, Stephen P. Dunham, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Gavin A. White, Belinda Baquero-Perez, Pengxiang Chang, Amir Ghaemmaghami, Sharon M. Brookes, Ian H. Brown, Kin Chow Chang, 2012, Journal of virology on p. 9201-9210

Pathogenicity and tissue tropism of infectious bronchitis virus is associated with elevated apoptosis and innate immune responses

Rajesh Chhabra, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Julian Chantrey, Kannan Ganapathy, 2016, Virology on p. 232-241

Molecular Epidemiology of Nontyphoidal Salmonella in Poultry and Poultry Products in India

Sellappan Saravanan, Venketaraman Purushothaman, Thippichettypalayam Ramasamy Gopala Krishna Murthy, Kuppannan Sukumar, Palani Srinivasan, Vasudevan Gowthaman, Mohan Balusamy, Robert Atterbury, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, 2015, Indian Journal of Microbiology on p. 319-326

Predominance of genotype 1.1 and emergence of genotype 2.2 classical swine fever viruses in North-Eastern Region of India

P. Roychoudhury, D. K. Sarma, S. Rajkhowa, M. Munir, Suresh Varma Kuchipudi, 2014, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases on p. 69-77

Early apoptosis of porcine alveolar macrophages limits avian influenza virus replication and pro-inflammatory dysregulation

Pengxiang Chang, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Kenneth H. Mellits, Sujith Sebastian, Joe James, Jinhua Liu, Holly Shelton, Kin Chow Chang, 2015, Scientific reports

Chicken and duck myotubes are highly susceptible and permissive to influenza virus infection

Belinda Baquero-Perez, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Jemima Ho, Sujith Sebastian, Anita Puranik, Wendy Howard, Sharon M. Brookes, Ian H. Brown, Kin Chow Chang, 2015, Journal of virology on p. 2494-2506

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A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will enable Penn State researchers to study the potential for SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, to infect and spread among livestock.

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A new seed grant-funded study could provide the knowledge base needed to develop optical radiation products to sanitize large indoor environments to prevent the transmission of viruses like SARS-CoV-2.

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