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The Huck Institutes are searching for a new Director and conducting a faculty cluster hire in Resistance Evolution.

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Eric Barron's talk to trustees he talked specifically about building biomedical sciences and used the Huck as an example

"He noted Huck Institutes of Life Sciences as the model for the collaboration he wants to build. That pours $15 million a year into research and people studying various areas like infectious disease and neural engineering. It brings together seven colleges, 31 departments, 476 educators and 316 graduate students with groundbreaking equipment in 10 different facilities."

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Survival of the least-fit: antiviral drug selectively targets nastiest viruses

An antiviral drug that inhibits a virus' replication machinery selectively targets the most aggressive viruses, according to new research that looked at the infection of individual cells by a virus and the consequence of antiviral intervention.

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'Zombie ant' brains left intact by fungal parasite

A fungal parasite that infects ants and manipulates their behavior to benefit the fungus' reproduction accomplishes this feat without infecting the ants' brains.

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