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Our research attracts media attention from outlets in Pennsylvania, across the country, and around the world.

Additionally, Huck researchers are regularly called upon by journalists worldwide to give context to important stories with impacts spanning a wide range of subject areas.

This page documents some of the instances in which people or research connected to the Huck have appeared in external news stories.

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Recent Stories:

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How a group of scientists and moms are fighting back against climate change

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A Man in Mexico Died With One Form of Bird Flu, but US Officials Remain Focused on Another

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Female giraffes drove the evolution of long giraffe necks in order to feed on the most nutritious leaves, new research suggests

Female giraffes drove the evolution of long giraffe necks in order to feed on the most nutritious leaves, new research suggests

Cracking the calcium code to understand its role in health

Invasive species are transforming the Everglades

These animals are mostly likely to 'win' climate change

Inside WA’s struggling honeybee industry

UGA, Penn State research team to develop new model to predict measles outbreaks

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Neuralink says they’re looking to implant next 2 participants in coming months

How Binge Drinking Shifted Research On Alcohol Use Disorders



Invasive species are transforming the Everglades

Inside WA’s struggling honeybee industry

How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants Inside Your Home

Why do most mammals have 5 fingers?

Radio clip from News 88.7 - Mar 20, 2024

ABC27 News at 5

The Return of Measles

New GPS nanoparticle to treat basal-like breast cancers

Diet Sodas Linked to Heart Issues

Sweetened drinks linked to atrial fibrillation risk

Red meat can be part of a healthy diet. Here’s how.

When planting trees is bad for the planet

Penn State finding could improve food safety

The Monster Measles Outbreak in Europe Is a Warning

Hastings Center Welcomes 13 New Fellows

Honors for Booker, Girirajan, Llinás


Radio clip from WESA-FM

Radio Clip on rural zone updates

How Red Meat Can Fit Into a Healthy Diet

Are Low-Fat Dairy Products Really Healthier?

Here’s What We Know About Neanderthals So Far

What Do Catfish Eat?

A new wearable sensor can monitor sweat in real time

Protein found to control breast cancer metastasis

22 Best Vitamin D-Rich Foods for Immunity & Bone Health

Deer Are Everywhere, but We Barely Know Them

Radio clip on sodium intake

The best way to get rid of leaves this fall

Spotted Lanternflies Innocent???

Spotted lanternflies are showing up on Jersey Shore beaches

Can you eat a spotted lanternfly?

Covid Continues to Rise, but Experts Remain Optimistic

Unraveling the Mysteries Of The Y Chromosome

Roush Stepping Down as Penn State Ag Dean

DNA sequence of the human Y chromosome fully determined for first time

Why do we always have room for dessert?

10 Facts About the Spotted Lanternfly

How much good does recycling do these days?

Your body can build up tolerance to heat. Here’s how.

Radio clip from WESA-FM (Radio)

Market to Market

What’s actually in all that smoke you’re breathing

Xploration Awesome Planet

FACT FOCUS: COVID vaccines are not in the food supply

Biomanufacturing: Present And Future

Covid Origins TV Segment

How Vitamin D Can Affect Your Gut Microbiome

Why are snails and slugs so slow?

Radio Clip

COVID’s ‘new normal’: 120,000 U.S. deaths per year?

Rare Jurassic-era insect found at Arkansas Walmart

Why spotted lanternflies climb before they fly

How a Zombie-Ant Fungus Can Infect a Host

Scientists Talk “The Last of Us” Fungus

Best Weight-Loss Diets of 2022, Ranked

Advanced 3D Bioprinting Produces Tumors and Bone

Radio clip from WESA-FM


'Prescribed' Fires' Hidden Bonus: Fewer Ticks

RSV surge creates risk of 'tripledemic'

Do viruses always become less deadly over time?

Will Hot Drinks Keep You Cool on Hot Days?

Can An Avocado A Day Really Help You Lose Weight?

Why this European heat wave is so scary

How Do Animals Know What Their Predators Are?

How hot is too hot for the human body?


Deer populations may 'host' coronavirus

The Rise of COVID-19 Vaccines for Animals

Omicron Needs 3 Evolutionary Surprises to Wreak Havoc

Why You Always Have Room for Pie

Wild deer are giving each other COVID—a lot

Researchers Detect Coronavirus in Iowa Deer

Can New Variants of the Coronavirus Keep Emerging?

What the Future May Hold for the Coronavirus and Us

Boosting turkey reproductive output

‘We Know A Lot More Now’

What Chemical Engineers Do and How to Become One

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Mask Now?

Can you help shape the future of plant disease detection?

A Simple, Inexpensive Change Foils Mushroom Phorid Flies

Oh Good, Trillions of Cicadas Are Coming

Interview with Dr. Maciej Boni

Where did COVID-19 come from?


State not releasing detailed COVID outbreak data

AHA News: Persimmons Pack Plenty of Nutritional Punch

Skin Colour, Vitamin D Deficits and Disease Risks

When Wine Pros Lose Smell and Taste to COVID-19

PSU sees 174 new COVID cases this week

The Gene that Makes Female Birds Drab

Dry conditions affecting harvest sizes, foliage

This rare, mutant honeybee is both male and female

Agriculture officials issue warning on seed packages from China

27 States Issue Warnings About Seed Packets From China

How Viruses Evolve

The Greatest Coronavirus Risks When You Fly

Do dogs really see in just black and white?

40% of COVID-19 patients may be asymptomatic as disease progresses

New Design Helps N95 Mask Wearers Breathe Easier

AHA News: A Nutritious Side Dish to Grill This Memorial Day

The Numerical Language of Covid-19: A Primer

Coronavirus spreads to Trump country

What to Drink for Better Health

Do I Need to Wear a Face Mask While Running?

How to Ride Safely Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Will The Coronavirus Pandemic End This Summer?

Top Tips for Feeding Wild Birds

All Your Coronavirus Questions Answered

Why So Many Epidemics Originate in Asia and Africa

Will Warm Weather Kill Coronavirus?

New Faculty Profile: Margarita Lopez-Uribe

How COVID-19 Is Spread

Setting the Record Straight: Panic and Pandemics

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Bumblebees Are Going Extinct In A Time of Climate Chaos

Why you need more Vitamin D in the winter

The Virus Buried in a 100-Year-Old Lung

What to do when pests become homewreckers

You can be full and have room for dessert


KHN Viewpoints

Directing Self-propelled Protocells To Deliver Drugs

Attack of the acorns: Weather, chaos, or a vast oak conspiracy?

Rethinking Herd Immunity

Victoria Braithwaite, who said fish feel pain, dies

What are the real zombies?

Victoria Braithwaite Obituary

Real-Life Zombies

How a Childhood Project Inspired a Life-Long Career

Lack of sleep affects fat metabolism

Methane-Producing Microorganism Makes a Meal of Iron

New insights into genetic basis of bird migration

The Bots Are Here—and They’re Protecting Our Crops

Research shows frogs can adapt to traffic noise

Not only are zombies real, they’re part of nature

How processed food makes us fat

Researchers deploy AI to detect bias in AI and humans

AI to fight unfair discrimination

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Mocked For Tweet Mixing Up Mars With The Moon

Linking health and population patterns via satellite

These Genes Could Make A Better Chicken

Scientists discover weakness in common cold virus

Cicadas are buzzing the 'burbs after 17 years underground

Squid tentacles offer pollution solution

What the US could learn from Slovenia about protecting bees


Mouth bacteria in toddlers may predict obesity, study says

How Humans Are Messing Up Bee Sex

A fast-moving future for gene-edited foods