Our Purpose

The Huck isn't easy to explain; it covers a lot of ground. It might best be imagined as a web—or maybe as a series of bridges, built and maintained by dedicated laborers, between various University institutions that would have otherwise been isolated islands. 

The more these bridges are built up, the better we get at communicating and collaborating across the life sciences, and the better we get at solving problems and having real impacts on science and society.


We catalyze deep collaboration across disciplines to generate new and profoundly integrative approaches to life sciences research.


We foster excellence in life sciences research and graduate training through focused investment in outstanding faculty, interdisciplinary programs, and state-of-the-art facilities.


We approach the vast Penn State resources available to us with a nimble mindset. Ever flexible, we leverage these resources in creative ways that extend our reach across the entire university system. As a truly diverse team of faculty, staff members and trainees, we inspire one another to reach higher than any of us could on our own.