Huck Branding

All visual elements used for University-related communications must conform to the Brand Identity Standards set by the University.

Our brand is the essence of who we are and everything we do to fulfill our mission of research, education, and service. This brand guide is designed to help communicators drive recognition and support for the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences among key audiences.

Never redraw or try to recreate any of our entity marks, including our shield or our logotype. Any modification of our mark diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used. Contact the Huck Marketing Communications Team at with any questions, requests, or comments.

Table of Contents

Entity Mark (Wordmark)

The Huck Institutes is entitled to a "Tier 2" entity mark featuring the Penn State name and Nittany Lion shield, and uses a black-and-white variant. A reverse mark, featuring white text for use on dark backgrounds, is also available. This is our official Penn State University entity mark. It is not to be changed and altered in any way.

Huck Entity Mark

Also available is an image file format (.PNG) of the grayscale version of the Nittany Lion Shield without text.


The Huck Institutes also utilizes a three-colored ellipsis as a branding element on many marketing publications.

Huck Ellipsis

Center/Institute Logos

Centers and Institutes within the Huck are entitled to "Tier 3" marks.

CIDD logo

If you are the director of a center or institute and would like to have a logo created, please contact the marketing communications team at the Huck Institutes.

Millennium Science Complex Logo

The Millennium Science Complex is a state-of-the-art, 275,000-square-foot facility housing two of the University’s premier research organizations – the Materials Research Institute and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.

Millennium Science Complex Logo

Color Palette Codes

The Huck Institutes uses colors recommended by the University's standards for visual identity. The Huck colors were initially chosen to signify water and life in both flora and fauna. Black and white round out the palette of 6 colors.

The primary Huck color is Pugh Blue. It was selected to match the official Penn State secondary color. Flora (green) is the secondary color, while Dawn of Discovery (muted red) is the tertiary color. They, along with Limestone (gray), are to be used sparingly as accents across Huck media.

Huck Color Palette
  • Pugh Blue
    Hex: #96BEE6
    CMYK: 39, 15, 0, 0
    RGB: 150, 190, 230
  • Dawn of Discovery (muted red)
    Hex: #F2665E
    CMYK: 0, 75, 60, 0
    RGB: 242, 102, 94
  • Flora (green)
    Hex: #78CB6B
    CMYK: 55, 0, 77, 0
    RGB: 120, 203, 107
  • Limestone (gray)
    Hex: #96989A
    CMYK: 44, 35, 35, 1
    RGB: 150, 152, 154


The Huck Institutes uses font families recommended by the University's standards for visual identity. Many of our communications employ Roboto Slab, a serif font, and Open Sans, a sans-serif font. Both are Google fonts available for download.

Headings are to use Roboto Slab Bold with Open Sans Regular used for body text. This styling should be followed across all media formats including email, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.


Note: Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences letterhead template is for official use only.

Slideshow Templates

PowerPoint templates for creating slideshows using Huck branding are available in two aspect ratios.

Email Signature

Email Signature

Huck Overview PDF

Here are five versions of a 4-page overview of the Huck Institutes. The content for each is identical except for the header images, which correlate to the subjects as described.