Huck Branding

All visual elements used for University-related communications must conform to the Brand Identity Standards set by the University.

Entity Mark or wordmark

The Huck Institutes is entitled to a "Tier 2" entity mark featuring the Penn State name and Nittany Lion shield, and uses a black-and-white variant. A reverse mark, featuring white text for use on dark backgrounds, is also available.

Huck wordmark


The Huck Institutes also utilizes a three-colored ellipsis as a branding element on many marketing publications.

Huck Ellipsis

Center/Institute logos

Centers and Institutes within the Huck are entitled to "Tier 3" marks.

CIDD logo

If you are the director of a center or institute and would like to have a logo created, please contact the marketing communications team at the Huck Institutes.


The Huck Institutes uses font families recommended by the University's standards for visual identity.

Many of our communications employ Roboto Slab, a serif font, and Open Sans, a sans-serif font. Both are Google fonts and available for download.

Roboto Slab

Open Sans


Huck Institutes letterhead template is for official use only.


PowerPoint templates for creating slideshows using Huck branding are available in two aspect ratios.

Email Signature

Email footer

Huck Overview PDF

Here are five versions of a 4-page overview of the Huck Institutes. The content for each is identical except for the header images, which correlate to the subjects in the titles.

A full archive of available files, including alternate file types, may be accessed on OneDrive.