SciArt Project 1: The Zombie Ant Experience

The Zombie Ant Experience

This is the pilot project of a new series of science/art collaborations  produced by the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences. In addition to more traditional photography and metal sculpture, viewers are immersed in the life cycle of the zombie ant fungus through an augmented reality iPad application, which allows them to interact with the unfolding story. 

The installation was orchestrated by design visualization specialist Daryl Branford, and brought to life with the help of sculptor Talley Fisher and an augmented reality development team including Jeffrey Kern, and Eric Yan Yibin.  All information involved in the educational portion of the experience was provided by research at the Hughes Lab of Penn State along with the help of Francesco Costanza

The “ZAE” installation is anticipated to make an appearance at other institutions around the country, unveiling this wondrous invisible world to audiences of all ages. 

An instructional guide on how to use the Zombie Ant Experience app can be found here.

 Elements of the Zombie Ant Experience will be on display at the 2018 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, from 11AM to 1PM  on Friday, June 13th at the Art of Discovery booth (located next to the Willard building).

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The Zombie Ant Experience