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CIDD embraces all scales and components of infectious disease biology. Our interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a dynamic viewpoint, provides insight into how to prevent or reduce infections.


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The Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD) at Penn State University is comprised of more than 50 faculty experts in infectious disease.

Below is a list of questions submitted by the public and answered by CIDD faculty members.

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We’ve found many viruses that are beneficial for plant hosts. I think that acute viruses that make their host sick are actually an exception.

Maliheh Safari
PhD Student

At CIDD, we study infections from the perspective of the parasitic agent. Our faculty and research span human, animal, and plant systems to determine the unique demands of the parasitic lifestyle, the responses of the hosts and how the environment affects these interactions.

This approach yields novel insights into the biological processes that drive the biology and evolution of infectious agents, and the processes that can be used to limit their harm to individual and population health.