About the Genomics Research Incubator

Colorful graphic representation of a DNA sequence

Facilitating access to specialized genomics and epigenomics assays utilizing high throughput sequencing

The Genomics Research Incubator (GRI) is a collaborative research space and an initiative of the Eberly College of Science and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences to provide access to highly specialized and custom genomics and epigenomics assays that the Genomics Core Facility does not currently support. Examples include:

  • ATAC sequencing
  • CUT&RUN sequencing
  • CUT&Tag sequencing
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • Chromatin conformation assays
  • Custom assays

In addition, the GRI also offers hands-on experiences and training for researchers in genomic technologies, methodologies, and instrumentation.

  • sequencing library preparation
  • library quality control analysis
  • library quantification
  • sequencing run planning and set up

We encourage all users to first contact the Huck Genomics Core regarding your research needs. If the Genomics Core Facility does not support your required application, or if hands-on training is required, the GRI may be able to assist.