Upcoming Events

Talk Title- “Targeting Microsomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein To Treat Hypercholesterolemia And Atherosclerosis”

Mahmood Hussein, NYU Winthrop Hospital

W201 Millenium Science Complex
University Park

Linking Evolutionary Change in Sensory Perception to its Cellular and Network Substrates in Weakly Electric Fish

Bruce Carlson, Washington University

108 Wartik
University Park

TANZEEN: High-throughput developmental analysis of CNV genes in Drosophila melanogaster; MOLLY: Exploring Patterns of Genetic Variation in Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Clinical Infections

Weekly Wednesday Wartik Genomics Seminar speakers Tanzeen Yusuff & Molly Rathbun, Pennsylvania State University

501 Wartik Lab; room HCAR1101 in Hershey
University Park

CIDD Seminar: Immune system ecology and evolution through the lens of multiple infections

Ann Tate, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (Vanderbild University)

W-203 Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Microbial Community Assembly in Food Systems

Benjamin Wolfe, Assistant Professor of Biology, Tufts University

W203 Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Can You “Train” Your Arteries? Assessing the Impact of Exercise Training on Blood Vessel Structure and Function in Health and Disease

Dean Maureen MacDonald, McMaster University

127 Noll Laboratory
University Park

Using fossil records to gain perspective on how species respond to environmental change

Dr. Michelle Lawing, Texas A&M University

107 Forest Resources Building
University Park

CIDD lunch: Managing climate risks

Klaus Keller, Penn State

W-201 Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Molecular Genetic Basis of Autoimmunity in Arabidopsis

Jian Hua, Cornell University

108 Wartik
University Park

Epigenetic Perspectives on Cell Differentiation

Barbara Wold, Cal Tech

100 Berg Auditorium
University Park