Upcoming Events

Why Bullies Attack:  Insights Into Neural Circuits Controlling Aggression Reward

Scott Russo, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

108 Wartik
University Park

Ampliconic Genes on the Great Ape Y Chromosomes: Rapid Evolution of Copy Number But Conservation of Expression Level

Center for Medical Genomics Seminar speaker Marta Tomaszkiewicz, The Pennsylvania State University

501 Wartik Lab; room HCAR1101 in Hershey
University Park

CIDD Seminar: Mathematical Modeling of Malaria Transmission to Inform Policy

Jaline Gerardin, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

W-203 Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Gut Microbiome in Relation to Autoimmunity and Type 1 Diabetes

Tommi Vatanen, Ph.D., The University of Auckland

W203 Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Rethinking PhD training

Joey Barnett, Vice Chair of Pharmacology; Director of the Office of Medical Student Research; Assistant Dean of Physician-Researcher Training, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

127 Noll Lab
University Park

Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG)

208A Buckhout Laboratory
University Park

Shortfalls for the sensitive: Policy and management to conserve US endangered species under climate change

Jennie Miller, Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife

106 Forest Resources Building
University Park

Integrated Genomic Approaches for Understanding the Complex Biology of Forest Trees

Andrew Groover, University of California, Daivs

108 Wartik Lab
University Park

A Marine Evolutionary Time Machine

Thorsten Reusch, GEOMAR

Life Science Bldg., 100 Berg Auditorium
University Park

Circadian Genes, Rhythms and the Biology of Psychiatric Disorders

Colleen McClung

108 Wartik Lab
University Park