Huck Leadership Fellows

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The Huck Leadership Fellows program is designed to offer faculty members the opportunity for professional development and exposure to senior leadership. It is intended for tenured faculty participating in one or more Huck programs who may be interested in University leadership roles. 

For each cohort, 1-2 Leadership Fellows are appointed for one-year terms with the possibility for an additional year extension. Fellows will have demonstrated a strong commitment to interdisciplinary leadership.

Appointed fellows will:

  • Join the Huck team, participating fully in weekly Huck Executive Meetings and gaining exposure to other University-level senior leadership
  • Shadow members of the Huck Executive team and gain insight into the work being done to sustain and grow such a complex interdisciplinary ecosystem
  • Have the ability to work on and influence projects of key strategic importance to Huck
  • Gain experience that involves management and leadership development activities that will prepare them for future leadership positions

Fellows are expected to contribute ideas and expertise by working on mutually agreed upon projects aimed at furthering Huck’s mission. These may include (but not limited to) initiatives in diversity, equity and inclusion, graduate education, industry relations, national benchmarking, seed funding, research initiatives, Center and Institute development, and faculty co-hiring. 

Projects could include anything from data analytics to program implementation. These leadership opportunities come with a negotiable Huck time-buyout commensurate with time commitment of one day per week.

2022 Fellows

Nicole Lazar

Professor of Statistics Nicole Lazar

Laura Weyrich

Associate Professor of Anthropology Laura Weyrich