Angled closeup of Illumina NextSeq 2000 DNA sequencer

Illumina NextSeq2000 DNA sequencer – This model has many features that are improvements over earlier models, such as a patterned flow cell and better chemistry. Current performance specifications can be viewed here.

Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System - delivers precise, quantitative Real-Time PCR results for a variety of genomic research applications.

Diagenode Biorupter UCD-300 (sonication system) – ultrasonication for chromatin and DNA shearing

Eppendorf ThermoMixer C with 1.5 ml and 96 well plate SmartBlocks – offers simultaneous heating and mixing of samples for a variety of genomic applications.

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop OneC Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer – measurement of concentrations of DNA, RNA, dyes, and proteins.