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The Genomics Research Incubator offers a number of consultative and support services for users with various levels of experience and expertise.

The GRI offers consulting and support for advanced genomic and epigenomics assays as well as the development of custom sequencing-based assays. Please contact the Director to discuss your research project.

The GRI offers collaborative opportunities on projects and grant proposals that require expertise in a variety of modern genomic and epigenomic assays.

  • ATAC sequencing
  • CUT&RUN sequencing
  • CUT&Tag sequencing
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • Chromatin conformation

The GRI offers expertise and opportunities for collaborations that enable the development of novel assays and flexible utilization of that foundational sequencing technology in diverse research projects.

Sample requirements vary depending on the application. Please contact the Director for details.

Raw data is provided to the customer for analysis. The GRI does not directly provide data analysis services but can work with you and the Bioinformatics Consulting Center to help guide analyses as well as troubleshoot custom and novel assays. Please contact the Director for details.

The GRI offers collaborative and training opportunities for laboratories who do not currently have experience in modern genomic assays and sequencing to acquire the appropriate skills and expertise needed for protocol implementation and development and to enhance the training environment for graduate students and postdocs who seek to represent themselves as experts in the field.

  • genomic and epigenomic assays
  • sequencing library preparation
  • library quality control analysis
  • library quantification
  • sequencing run planning and setup

The GRI offers direct access to sequencing instrumentation for experienced, highly-trained users. Please contact the Director for details.