Weihua Guan

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Weihua Guan

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Most Recent Publications

STAMP-Based Digital CRISPR-Cas13a for Amplification-Free Quantification of HIV-1 Plasma Viral Loads

Reza Nouri, Yuqian Jiang, Anthony J. Politza, Tianyi Liu, Wallace H. Greene, Yusheng Zhu, Jonathan J. Nunez, Xiaojun Lian, Weihua Guan, 2023, ACS Nano on p. 10701-10712

Fully integrated point-of-care blood cell count using multi-frame morphology analysis

Wenchang Zhang, Ya Li, Bing Chen, Yuan Zhang, Ziqiang Du, Feibin Xiang, Yu Hu, Xiaochen Meng, Chunliang Shang, Shengfa Liang, Xiaonan Yang, Weihua Guan, 2023, Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Handheld Purification-Free Nucleic Acid Testing Device for Point-of-Need Detection of Malaria from Whole Blood

Aneesh Kshirsagar, Gihoon Choi, Vishaka Santosh, Tara Harvey, Robert Cory Bernhards, Weihua Guan, 2023, ACS Sensors on p. 673-683

Digital CRISPR systems for the next generation of nucleic acid quantification

Anthony J. Politza, Reza Nouri, Weihua Guan, 2023, TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry

Morphology around Nanopores Fabricated by Laser-Assisted Dielectric Breakdown and Its Impact on Ion and DNA Transport and Sensing

Ming Dong, Reza Nouri, Zifan Tang, Weihua Guan, 2023, ACS applied materials & interfaces

Modeling pyramidal silicon nanopores with effective ion transport

Feibin Xiang, Ming Dong, Wenchang Zhang, Shengfa Liang, Weihua Guan, 2022, Nanotechnology

Reza Nouri, Ming Dong, Anthony J. Politza, Weihua Guan, 2022, ACS Sensors on p. 900-911

Zifan Tang, Reza Nouri, Ming Dong, Jianbo Yang, Wallace Greene, Yusheng Zhu, Michele Yon, Meera Surendran Nair, Suresh V. Kuchipudi, Weihua Guan, 2022, Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Most-Cited Papers

Reza Nouri, Zifan Tang, Ming Dong, Tianyi Liu, Aneesh Kshirsagar, Weihua Guan, 2021, Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Sequence-Specific Recognition of HIV-1 DNA with Solid-State CRISPR-Cas12a-Assisted Nanopores (SCAN)

Reza Nouri, Yuqian Jiang, Xiaojun Lance Lian, Weihua Guan, 2020, ACS Sensors on p. 1273-1280

Voltage gated ion and molecule transport in engineered nanochannels: Theory, fabrication and applications

Weihua Guan, Sylvia Xin Li, Mark A. Reed, 2014, Nanotechnology

Sylvia Xin Li, Weihua Guan, Benjamin Weiner, Mark A. Reed, 2015, Nano Letters on p. 5046-5051

Highly specific and sensitive non-enzymatic determination of uric acid in serum and urine by extended gate field effect transistor sensors

Weihua Guan, Xuexin Duan, Mark A. Reed, 2014, Biosensors and Bioelectronics on p. 225-231

Gihoon Choi, Theodore Prince, Jun Miao, Liwang Cui, Weihua Guan, 2018, Biosensors and Bioelectronics on p. 83-90

Shengfa Liang, Feibin Xiang, Zifan Tang, Reza Nouri, Xiaodong He, Ming Dong, Weihua Guan, 2020, Nami Jishu yu Jingmi Gongcheng/Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering on p. 9-17

Gihoon Choi, Daniel Song, Sony Shrestha, Jun Miao, Liwang Cui, Weihua Guan, 2016, Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology on p. 4341-4349

Reza Nouri, Yuqian Jiang, Zifan Tang, Xiaojun Lance Lian, Weihua Guan, 2021, Nano Letters on p. 8393-8400

Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification-Coupled Glass Nanopore Counting Toward Sensitive and Specific Nucleic Acid Testing

Zifan Tang, Gihoon Choi, Reza Nouri, Weihua Guan, 2019, Nano Letters on p. 7927-7934