Lingzhou Xue

Associate Professor of Statistics

Lingzhou Xue

Research Summary

High-dimensional statistics, statistical learning, optimization, econometrics, and statistical applications in biological science, environmental science, and social science.

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Estimator Covariance Matrix Screening Platelets Natural Gas Water Quality Graphical Models Shale Gas Optimality High Dimensional Gases Oils Acid Rain Groundwater Genes Ligands Graph Model Exponential Family Random Graphs Coal Mines Correlation Matrix Barium Neoplasms Martingale Microbiota

Most Recent Papers

Model-based clustering of time-evolving networks through temporal exponential-family random graph models

Kevin H. Lee, Lingzhou Xue, David R. Hunter, 2020, Journal of Multivariate Analysis

An integrin α<sub>IIb</sub>β<sub>3</sub> intermediate affinity state mediates biomechanical platelet aggregation

Yunfeng Chen, Lining Arnold Ju, Fangyuan Zhou, Jiexi Liao, Lingzhou Xue, Qian Peter Su, Dayong Jin, Yuping Yuan, Hang Lu, Shaun P. Jackson, Cheng Zhu, 2019, Nature Materials on p. 760-769

Assessing changes in groundwater chemistry in landscapes with more than 100 years of oil and gas development

Tao Wen, Amal Agarwal, Lingzhou Xue, Alex Chen, Alison Herman, Zhenhui Li, Susan L. Brantley, 2019, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts on p. 384-396

Model-Based Clustering of Nonparametric Weighted Networks With Application to Water Pollution Analysis

Amal Agarwal, Lingzhou Xue, 2019, Technometrics

An adaptive multivariate two-sample test with application to microbiome differential abundance analysis

Kalins Banerjee, Ni Zhao, Arun Srinivasan, Lingzhou Xue, Steven D. Hicks, Frank A. Middleton, Rongling Wu, Xiang Zhan, 2019, Frontiers in Genetics

Using a hidden Markov model to measure earnings quality

Kai Du, Steven Huddart, Lingzhou Xue, Yifan Zhang, 2019, Journal of Accounting and Economics

A small-sample kernel association test for correlated data with application to microbiome association studies

Xiang Zhan, Lingzhou Xue, Haotian Zheng, Anna Plantinga, Michael C. Wu, Daniel J. Schaid, Ni Zhao, Jun Chen, 2018, Genetic Epidemiology on p. 772-782

Nonparametric finite mixture of Gaussian graphical models

Kevin H. Lee, Lingzhou Xue, 2018, Technometrics on p. 511-521

Applications of Peter Hall's martingale limit theory to estimating and testing high dimensional covariance matrices

Danning Li, Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, 2018, Statistica Sinica on p. 2657-2670

Condition-adaptive fused graphical lasso (CFGL)

Yafei Lyu, Lingzhou Xue, Feipeng Zhang, Hillary Koch, Laura Saba, Katerina Kechris, Qunhua Li, 2018, PLoS computational biology

Most-Cited Papers

Strong oracle optimality of folded concave penalized estimation

Jianqing Fan, Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, 2014, Annals of Statistics on p. 819-849

Regularized rank-based estimation of high-dimensional nonparanormal graphical models

Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, 2012, Annals of Statistics on p. 2541-2571

Positive-definite l<sub>1</sub>-penalized estimation of large covariance matrices

Lingzhou Xue, Shiqian Ma, Hui Zou, 2012, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 1480-1491

Nonconcave penalized composite conditional likelihood estimation of sparse ising models

Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, Tianxi Cai, 2012, Annals of Statistics on p. 1403-1429

Cooperative unfolding of distinctive mechanoreceptor domains transduces force into signals

Lining Ju, Yunfeng Chen, Lingzhou Xue, Xiaoping Du, Cheng Zhu, 2016, eLife

Sure independence screening and compressed random sensing

Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, 2011, Biometrika on p. 371-380

A statistical investigation of the dependence of tropical cyclone intensity change on the surrounding environment

Ning Lin, Renzhi Jing, Yuyan Wang, Emmi Yonekura, Jianqing Fan, Lingzhou Xue, 2017, Monthly Weather Review on p. 2813-2831

A Selective Overview of Sparse Principal Component Analysis

Hui Zou, Lingzhou Xue, 2018, Proceedings of the IEEE on p. 1311-1320

Detecting the effects of coal mining, acid rain, and natural gas extraction in Appalachian basin streams in Pennsylvania (USA) through analysis of barium and sulfate concentrations

Xianzeng Niu, Anna Wendt, Zhenhui Li, Amal Agarwal, Lingzhou Xue, Matthew Scott Gonzales, Susan Louise Brantley, 2018, Environmental Geochemistry and Health on p. 865-885

Rank-based tapering estimation of bandable correlation matrices

Lingzhou Xue, Hui Zou, 2014, Statistica Sinica on p. 83-100