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Most Recent Papers

The evolutionary history of the human oral microbiota and its implications for modern health

Laura S. Weyrich, 2021, Periodontology 2000 on p. 90-100

Researchers using environmental DNA must engage ethically with Indigenous communities

Matilda Handsley-Davis, Emma Kowal, Lynette Russell, Laura S. Weyrich, 2021, Nature Ecology and Evolution on p. 146-148

Effectiveness of decontamination protocols when analyzing ancient DNA preserved in dental calculus

Andrew Farrer, Sterling Wright, Emily Skelly, Raphael Eisenhofer, Keith Dobney, Laura Weyrich, 2021, Scientific Reports on p. 1--14

Rare genera differentiate urban green space soil bacterial communities in three cities across the world

Jacob Mills, Caitlin Selway, Laura Weyrich, Chris Skelly, Philip Weinstein, Torsten Thomas, Jennifer Young, Emma Marczylo, Sudesh Yadav, Vijay Yadav, others, 2021, bioRxiv

Biocultural drivers of salivary microbiota in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Matilda Handsley-Davis, Emily Skelly, Newell Johnson, Kostas Kappelas, Ratilal Lalloo, Jeroen Kroon, Laura Weyrich, 2021, Frontiers in Oral Health

Advancing and refining archaeological dental calculus research using multiomic frameworks

Sterling L. Wright, Keith Dobney, Laura S. Weyrich, 2021, Science and Technology of Archaeological Research on p. 13-30

The role of the oral microbiota in chronic non-communicable disease and its relevance to the Indigenous health gap in Australia

Matilda Handsley-Davis, Lisa Jamieson, Kostas Kapellas, Joanne Hedges, Laura S. Weyrich, 2020, BMC Oral Health

Transfer of environmental microbes to the skin and respiratory tract of humans after urban green space exposure

Caitlin A. Selway, Jacob G. Mills, Philip Weinstein, Chris Skelly, Sudesh Yadav, Andrew Lowe, Martin F. Breed, Laura S. Weyrich, 2020, Environmental International

Investigating the demographic history of Japan using ancient oral microbiota: Ancient Japanese Dental Calculus

Raphael Eisenhofer, Hideaki Kanzawa-Kiriyama, Ken Ichi Shinoda, Laura S. Weyrich, 2020, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Investigating both mucosal immunity and microbiota in response to gut enteritis in yellowtail kingfish

Thibault P.R.A. Legrand, James W. Wynne, Laura S. Weyrich, Andrew P.A. Oxley, 2020, Microorganisms on p. 1-16

Most-Cited Papers

Sequencing ancient calcified dental plaque shows changes in oral microbiota with dietary shifts of the Neolithic and Industrial revolutions

Christina J. Adler, Keith Dobney, Laura Weyrich, John Kaidonis, Alan W. Walker, Wolfgang Haak, Corey J.A. Bradshaw, Grant Townsend, Arkadiusz Sołtysiak, Kurt W. Alt, Julian Parkhill, Alan Cooper, 2013, Nature Genetics on p. 450-455

Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculus

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Contamination in Low Microbial Biomass Microbiome Studies

Raphael Eisenhofer, Jeremiah J. Minich, Clarisse Marotz, Alan Cooper, Rob Knight, Laura S. Weyrich, 2019, Trends in Microbiology on p. 105-117

Environmental metabarcodes for insects

Laurence J. Clarke, Julien Soubrier, Laura Weyrich, Alan Cooper, 2014, Molecular Ecology Resources on p. 1160-1170

Comparison of environmental DNA metabarcoding and conventional fish survey methods in a river system

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Ancient DNA analysis of dental calculus

Laura Weyrich, Keith Dobney, Alan Cooper, 2015, Journal of Human Evolution on p. 119-124

Embracing the gut microbiota: The new frontier for inflammatory and infectious diseases

Lieke W.J. Van Den Elsen, Hazel C. Poyntz, Laura S. Weyrich, Wayne Young, Elizabeth E. Forbes-Blom, 2017, Clinical and Translational Immunology

The skin microbiome

Alan J. Cooper, Laura S. Weyrich, Shreya Dixit, Andrew G. Farrer, 2015, Australasian Journal of Dermatology on p. 268-274

From the field to the laboratory

Bastien Llamas, Guido Valverde, Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Laura S. Weyrich, Alan Cooper, Wolfgang Haak, 2017, Science and Technology of Archaeological Research on p. 1-14

Limitations and recommendations for successful DNA extraction from forensic soil samples

Jennifer M. Young, Nicolas J. Rawlence, Laura S. Weyrich, Alan Cooper, 2014, Science and Justice - Journal of the Forensic Science Society on p. 238-244