Graduate Faculty

Manuel Llinas

Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Margarita Lopez-Uribe

Associate Professor of Entomology

Jennifer Macalady

Director of the Ecology Institute; Professor of Geosciences

Erina MacGeorge

Professor of Communication Arts and Science

Erika Machtinger

Associate Professor of Entomology

James Marden

Associate Director of Operations, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences; Professor of Biology

Elizabeth McGraw

Professor and Huck Scholar in Entomology

Tim Miyashiro

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mohan Kumar Papanna

Assistant Research Professor of Global Health

George Perry

Professor of Anthropology and Biology

Jason Rasgon

Professor of Entomology and Disease Epidemiology

Andrew Read

Senior Vice President for Research; Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Entomology; Eberly Professor of Biotechnology

Tim Reluga

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Biology

Joyce Sakamoto

Assistant Research Professor

Katriona Shea

Professor of Biology; Alumni Professor in the Biological Sciences

Justin Silverman

Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Rachel Smith

Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences

Paddy Ssentongo

Assistant Research Professor - Schiff Lab