Elizabeth McGraw

Elizabeth McGraw

Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics; Professor and Huck Scholar in Entomology

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Most Recent Papers

Using genetic variation in Aedes aegypti to identify candidate anti-dengue virus genes

Gerard Terradas, Elizabeth Mcgraw, 2019, BMC Infectious Diseases

Expanding the canon

Leah T. Sigle, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2019, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on p. 72-80

El niño Southern oscillation, overseas arrivals and imported chikungunya cases in Australia

Xiaodong Huang, Wenbiao Hu, Laith Yakob, Gregor J. Devine, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Cassie C. Jansen, Helen M. Faddy, Francesca D. Frentiu, 2019, PLoS neglected tropical diseases

A Role for the Insulin Receptor in the Suppression of Dengue Virus and Zika Virus in Wolbachia-Infected Mosquito Cells

Gholamreza Haqshenas, Gerard Terradas, Prasad N. Paradkar, Jean Bernard Duchemin, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Christian Doerig, 2019, Cell Reports on p. 529-535.e3

Complete genome of Aedes aegypti anphevirus in the Aag2 mosquito cell line

Francesca Di Giallonardo, Michelle D. Audsley, Mang Shi, Paul R. Young, Elizabeth Mcgraw, Edward C. Holmes, 2018, Journal of General Virology on p. 832-836

Wolbachia enhances insect-specific flavivirus infection in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Hilaria E. Amuzu, Kirill Tsyganov, Cassandra Koh, Rosemarie I. Herbert, David R. Powell, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2018, Ecology and Evolution on p. 5441-5454

The nature of the immune response in novel Wolbachia-host associations

Rosemarie I. Herbert, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2018, Symbiosis on p. 225-236

The transcriptional response of Aedes aegypti with variable extrinsic incubation periods for dengue virus

Cassandra Koh, Scott L. Allen, Rosemarie I. Herbert, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Stephen F. Chenoweth, 2018, Genome biology and evolution on p. 3141-3151

Wolbachia infection alters the relative abundance of resident bacteria in adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, but not larvae

Michelle D. Audsley, Andrei Seleznev, D. Albert Joubert, Megan Woolfit, Scott L O'Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2018, Molecular ecology on p. 297-309

Family level variation in Wolbachia-mediated dengue virus blocking in Aedes aegypti

Gerard Terradas, Scott L. Allen, Stephen F. Chenoweth, Elizabeth Mcgraw, 2017, Parasites and Vectors

Recent Most-Cited Papers

Successful establishment of Wolbachia in Aedes populations to suppress dengue transmission

A. A. Hoffmann, B. L. Montgomery, J. Popovici, I. Iturbe-Ormaetxe, P. H. Johnson, F. Muzzi, M. Greenfield, M. Durkan, Y. S. Leong, Y. Dong, H. Cook, J. Axford, A. G. Callahan, N. Kenny, C. Omodei, Elizabeth Mcgraw, P. A. Ryan, S. A. Ritchie, M. Turelli, S. L. O'Neill, 2011, Nature on p. 454-459

Limited Dengue Virus Replication in Field-Collected Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Infected with Wolbachia

Francesca D. Frentiu, Tasnim Zakir, Thomas Walker, Jean Popovici, Alyssa T. Pyke, Andrew van den Hurk, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Scott L. O'Neill, 2014, PLoS neglected tropical diseases

The relative importance of innate immune priming in Wolbachia-mediated dengue interference

Edwige Rancès, Yixin H. Ye, Megan Woolfit, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Scott L. O'Neill, 2012, PLoS pathogens

Dietary Cholesterol Modulates Pathogen Blocking by Wolbachia

Eric P. Caragata, Edwige Rancès, Lauren M. Hedges, Alexander W. Gofton, Karyn N. Johnson, Scott L. O'Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2013, PLoS pathogens

Wolbachia-Mediated resistance to dengue virus infection and death at the cellular level

Francesca D. Frentiu, Jodie Robinson, Paul R. Young, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Scott L. O'Neill, 2010, PloS one

Modeling the impact on virus transmission of Wolbachia-mediated blocking of dengue virus infection of Aedes aegypti

Neil M. Ferguson, Duong Thi Hue Kien, Hannah Clapham, Ricardo Aguas, Vu Tuan Trung, Tran Nguyen Bich Chau, Jean Popovici, Peter A. Ryan, Scott L. O'Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Vo Thi Long, Le Thi Dui, Hoa L. Nguyen, Nguyen Vinh Van Chau, Bridget Wills, Cameron P. Simmons, 2015, Science Translational Medicine

Wolbachia-Associated Bacterial Protection in the Mosquito Aedes aegypti

Yixin H. Ye, Megan Woolfit, Edwige Rancès, Scott L. O'Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2013, PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Competition for Amino Acids Between Wolbachia and the Mosquito Host, Aedes aegypti

Eric P. Caragata, Edwige Rancès, Scott L. O'Neill, Elizabeth Mcgraw, 2014, Microbial Ecology on p. 205-218

Wolbachia reduces the transmission potential of dengue-infected Aedes aegypti

Yixin H. Ye, Alison M. Carrasco, Francesca D. Frentiu, Stephen F. Chenoweth, Nigel W. Beebe, Andrew F. van den Hurk, Cameron P. Simmons, Scott L. O’Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw, 2015, PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Genomic evolution of the pathogenic Wolbachia strain, wMelPop

Megan Woolfit, Iñaki Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Jeremy C. Brownlie, Thomas Walker, Markus Riegler, Andrei Seleznev, Jean Popovici, Edwige Rancès, Bryan A. Wee, Jennifer Pavlides, Mitchell J. Sullivan, Scott A. Beatson, Amanda Lane, Manpreet Sidhu, Conor J. McMeniman, Elizabeth A. McGraw, Scott L. O'Neill, 2013, Genome biology and evolution on p. 2189-2204