Erina MacGeorge

Professor of Communication Arts and Science

Erina MacGeorge

Research Summary

Antibiotic stewardship, doctor-patient communication

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Communication Interaction Recipient Health Linguistics Evaluation Anti Bacterial Agents Planning Antimicrobial Stewardship Decision Making Testing Experience Time Antibiotics Students Pandemics Politeness Health Protection Social Support Student Respiratory Tract Infections Social Class Tactics Problem Solving Behavior Emotions

Most Recent Publications

Yanmengqian Zhou, Jessica Myrick, E Farrell, Olivia Cohen, 2023, Risk Analysis on p. 1572-1586

Medical advising

Kasey Foley, Erina Farrell, 2023,

George Sun, Kaeli Manzanares, Kasey A. Foley, Yanmengqian Zhou, Erina L. MacGeorge, 2023, American Journal of Infection Control on p. 154-158

Understanding responses to conflicting advice on COVID-19

Yanmengqian Zhou, Erina Farrell, 2023, Health Communication

Providers' shared decision-making as a predictor of health outcomes for college-aged adults managing upper respiratory infections (URTIs)

Michelle Acevedo-Callejas, Yanmengqian Zhou, Erina MacGeorge, Kasey Foley, 2022, Patient Education and Counseling

David Brinker, Kasey Foley, Yanmengqian Zhou, Michelle Acevedo-Callejas, Yuwei Li, Erina MacGeorge, 2022, Journal of Primary Care and Community Health

What Does Patient-Centered Communication Look Like?: Linguistic Markers of Provider Compassionate Care and Shared Decision-Making and Their Impacts on Patient Outcomes

Yanmengqian Zhou, Michelle L. Acevedo Callejas, Yuwei Li, Erina L. MacGeorge, 2021, Health Communication


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Dual Process and Advice Response Theories: Explaining Outcomes of Supportive Communication

Graham D. Bodie, Erina L. MacGeorge, 2021, on p. 89-101

Most-Cited Papers

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Targeting Perceptions of Risk from Injudicious Antibiotic Use: An Application of the Risk Information Seeking and Processing Model

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