Jennifer Macalady

Director of the Ecology Institute; Professor of Geosciences

Jennifer Macalady

Research Summary

Microbial interactions with earth materials: soils, sediments, solutes, atmospheric gases, minerals, and rocks. Early evolution of Earth’s biosphere, including photosynthesis and sulfur cycling. Microbial ecology, environmental omics, microbial biogeography.

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Sulfur Oxygen Iron Coal Water Methane Lakes Cyanobacteria Population Sulfides Bacteria Metagenomics Biofilm Drainage Biogeochemistry Photosynthesis Metabolism Pyrite History Biofilms Nitrogen Bacterium Acid Mine Drainage Ecosystem Energy

Most Recent Papers

Versatile cyanobacteria control the timing and extent of sulfide production in a Proterozoic analog microbial mat

Judith M. Klatt, Gonzalo V. Gomez-Saez, Steffi Meyer, Petra Pop Ristova, Pelin Yilmaz, Michael S. Granitsiotis, Jennifer L. Macalady, Gaute Lavik, Lubos Polerecky, Solveig I. Bühring, 2020, ISME Journal on p. 3024-3037

Metagenomics reveal functional redundancy and hysteresis in community assembly

D. Ayala-Muñoz, R. Simister, S. Crowe, Jennifer Macalady, W. Burgos, 2020, Environmental Microbiology

Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic study of microbial metal resistance in an acidic pit lake

Diana Ayala-Muñoz, William D. Burgos, Javier Sánchez-España, Estelle Couradeau, Carmen Falagán, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2020, Microorganisms on p. 1-271350

Microbial population structure in a stratified, acidic pit lake in the Iberian pyrite belt

Christen L. Grettenberger, Rebecca L. Mccauley Rench, Danielle S. Gruen, Daniel B. Mills, Colin Carney, Jamie Brainard, Hiroshi Hamasaki, Ramses Ramirez, Yumiko Watanabe, Linda A. Amaral-Zettler, Hiroshi Ohmoto, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2020, Geomicrobiology Journal on p. 623-634

Another chemolithotrophic metabolism missing in nature

Jan P. Amend, Heidi S. Aronson, Jennifer Macalady, Douglas E. LaRowe, 2020, Environmental Microbiology on p. 1971-1976

A novel sulfur catabolism ‘missing in nature’

J. Amend, H. Aronson, Jennifer Macalady, D. LaRowe, 2020, Environmental Microbiology on p. 1971-1976

Functional redundancy imparts process stability to acidic Fe(II)-oxidizing microbial reactors

Diana Ayala-Muñoz, Rachel L. Simister, Sean A. Crowe, Jennifer L. Macalady, William D. Burgos, 2020, Environmental Microbiology

Low frequency Raman Spectroscopy for micron-scale and in vivo characterization of elemental sulfur in microbial samples

Christine Nims, Brandi Cron, Maxwell Wetherington, Jennifer Macalady, Julie Cosmidis, 2019, Scientific Reports

Elemental sulfur formation by sulfuricurvum kujiense is mediated by extracellular organic compounds

Brandi Cron, Pauline Henri, Clara S. Chan, Jennifer L. Macalady, Julie Cosmidis, 2019, Frontiers in Microbiology

Pelagosite revisited: The origin and significance of a laminated aragonitic encrustation of Mediterranean supralittoral rocks

A Montanari, D. Bice, A.J. Jull, A. Kudryavtsev, Jennifer Macalady, I. Schaperdoth, 2019, on p. 501-532

Most-Cited Papers

Biogeochemistry of microbial coal-bed methane

Dariusz Strapoć, Maria Mastalerz, Katherine Dawson, Jennifer MacAlady, Amy V. Callaghan, Boris Wawrik, Courtney Turich, Matthew Ashby, 2011, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences on p. 617-656

Community genomic analysis of an extremely acidophilic sulfur-oxidizing biofilm

Daniel S. Jones, Heidi L. Albrecht, Katherine S. Dawson, Irene Schaperdoth, Katherine H. Freeman, Yundan Pi, Ann Pearson, Jennifer L. MacAlady, 2012, ISME Journal on p. 158-170

The role of biology in planetary evolution

Trinity L. Hamilton, Donald A. Bryant, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2016, Environmental Microbiology on p. 325-340

Geochemical niches of Iron-oxidizing acidophiles in acidic coal mine drainage

Daniel S. Jones, Courtney Kohl, Christen Grettenberger, Lance N. Larson, William D. Burgos, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2015, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 1242-1250

Carotenoid biomarkers as an imperfect reflection of the anoxygenic phototrophic community in meromictic Fayetteville Green Lake

K. M. Meyer, J. L. Macalady, J. M. Fulton, L. R. Kump, I. Schaperdoth, K. H. Freeman, 2011, Geobiology on p. 321-329

Molecular characterization of core lipids from halophilic archaea grown under different salinity conditions

Katherine S. Dawson, Katherine H. Freeman, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2012, Organic Geochemistry on p. 1-8

Quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of microbial consortia from a biogenic gas field in Alaska's Cook Inlet Basin

Katherine S. Dawson, Dariusz Strapoć, Brad Huizinga, Ulrika Lidstrom, Matt Ashby, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2012, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 3599-3605

Application of a depositional facies model to an acid mine drainage site

Juliana F. Brown, Daniel S. Jones, Daniel B. Mills, Jennifer L. Macalady, William D. Burgos, 2011, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 545-554

Microbial hotspots in anchialine blue holes

Brett C. Gonzalez, Thomas M. Iliffe, Jennifer Macalady, Irene Schaperdoth, Brian Kakuk, 2011, Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Health on p. 149-156

Metagenomic insights into S(0) precipitation in a terrestrial subsurface lithoautotrophic ecosystem

Trinity L. Hamilton, Daniel S. Jones, Irene Schaperdoth, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2014, Frontiers in Microbiology