Jennifer Macalady

Jennifer Macalady

Associate Professor of Geosciences

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Most Recent Papers

The influence of pressure on crude oil biodegradation in shallow and deep Gulf of Mexico sediments

Uyen T. Nguyen, Sara A. Lincoln, Ana Gabriela Valladares Juárez, Martina Schedler, Jennifer Macalady, Rudolf Müller, Katherine Haines Freeman, 2018, PloS one

Low-light anoxygenic photosynthesis and Fe-S-biogeochemistry in a microbial mat

Sebastian Haas, Dirk de Beer, Judith M. Klatt, Artur Fink, Rebecca Mc Cauley Rench, Trinity L. Hamilton, Volker Meyer, Brian Kakuk, Jennifer Macalady, 2018, Frontiers in Microbiology

Cyanobacterial photosynthesis under sulfidic conditions

Trinity L. Hamilton, Judith M. Klatt, Dirk De Beer, Jennifer Macalady, 2018, ISME Journal on p. 568-584

Transport-Induced Spatial Patterns of Sulfur Isotopes (δ<sup>34</sup>S) as Biosignatures

Muammar Mansor, Khadouja Harouaka, Matthew Scott Gonzales, Jennifer Macalady, Matthew S. Fantle, 2018, Astrobiology on p. 59-72

Microbial communities and organic biomarkers in a Proterozoic-analog sinkhole

T. L. Hamilton, P. V. Welander, H. L. Albrecht, J. M. Fulton, Irene Schaperdoth, L. R. Bird, R. E. Summons, Katherine Haines Freeman, Jennifer Macalady, 2017, Geobiology on p. 784-797

Efficient low-pH iron removal by a microbial iron oxide mound ecosystem at Scalp Level Run

Christen L. Grettenberger, Alexandra R. Pearce, Kyle J. Bibby, Daniel S. Jones, William D. Burgos, Jennifer Macalady, 2017, Applied and environmental microbiology

Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis in a microbial mat from an anoxic and sulfidic spring

Dirk de Beer, Miriam Weber, Arjun Chennu, Trinity Hamilton, Christian Lott, Jennifer Macalady, Judith M. Klatt, 2017, Environmental microbiology on p. 1251-1265

Bioreactors for low-pH iron(II) oxidation remove considerable amounts of total iron

Yizhi Sheng, Bradley Kaley, Kyle Bibby, Christen Grettenberger, Jennifer Macalady, Guangcai Wang, William D. Burgos, 2017, RSC Advances on p. 35962-35972

Biogeography of sulfur-oxidizing Acidithiobacillus populations in extremely acidic cave biofilms

Daniel S. Jones, Irene Schaperdoth, Jennifer Macalady, 2016, ISME Journal on p. 2879-2891

Calcium isotopic fractionation in microbially mediated gypsum precipitates

Khadouja Harouaka, Muammar Mansor, Jennifer Macalady, Matthew S. Fantle, 2016, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta on p. 114-131

Recent High-Impact Papers

Biogeochemistry of microbial coal-bed methane

Dariusz Strapoć, Maria Mastalerz, Katherine Dawson, Jennifer Macalady, Amy V. Callaghan, Boris Wawrik, Courtney Turich, Matthew Ashby, 2011, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences on p. 617-656

Community genomic analysis of an extremely acidophilic sulfur-oxidizing biofilm

Daniel S. Jones, Heidi L. Albrecht, Katherine S. Dawson, Irene Schaperdoth, Katherine H. Freeman, Yundan Pi, Ann Pearson, Jennifer L. MacAlady, 2012, ISME Journal on p. 158-170

A novel symbiosis between chemoautotrophic bacteria and a freshwater cave amphipod

Sharmishtha Dattagupta, Irene Schaperdoth, Alessandro Montanari, Sandro Mariani, Noriko Kita, John W. Valley, Jennifer Macalady, 2009, ISME Journal on p. 935-943

Community structure of subsurface biofilms in the thermal sulfidic caves of Acquasanta Terme, Italy

D. S. Jones, D. J. Tobler, Irene Schaperdoth, M. Mainiero, Jennifer Macalady, 2010, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 5902-5910

Application of a depositional facies model to an acid mine drainage site

Juliana F. Brown, Daniel S. Jones, Daniel B. Mills, Jennifer Macalady, William D. Burgos, 2011, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 545-554

Carotenoid biomarkers as an imperfect reflection of the anoxygenic phototrophic community in meromictic Fayetteville Green Lake

K. M. Meyer, J. L. Macalady, J. M. Fulton, L. R. Kump, I. Schaperdoth, K. H. Freeman, 2011, Geobiology on p. 321-329

Quantitative fluorescence in Situ Hybridization analysis of microbial consortia from a biogenic gas field in Alaska's cook inlet basin

Katherine S. Dawson, Dariusz Strapoć, Brad Huizinga, Ulrika Lidstrom, Matt Ashby, Jennifer Macalady, 2012, Applied and environmental microbiology on p. 3599-3605

Molecular characterization of core lipids from halophilic archaea grown under different salinity conditions

Katherine S. Dawson, Katherine Haines Freeman, Jennifer Macalady, 2012, Organic Geochemistry on p. 1-8

Shifting microbial community structure across a marine terrace grassland chronosequence, Santa Cruz, California

Joel Moore, Jennifer Macalady, Marjorie S. Schulz, Art F. White, Susan Louise Brantley, 2010, Soil Biology and Biochemistry on p. 21-31

Geochemical niches of Iron-oxidizing acidophiles in acidic coal mine drainage

Daniel S. Jones, Courtney Kohl, Christen Grettenberger, Lance N. Larson, William D. Burgos, Jennifer Macalady, 2015, Applied and environmental microbiology on p. 1242-1250