Biotransformation Series

Biotransformation Series

A Series that Impacts Your Career

The Biotransformation Series is a collection of modules created by the Society for Industrial Biotechnology (SIB) funded through a Center of Excellence in Biotechnology(CoEIB) grant. This series is designed to develop your hands-on skills and understanding of upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

Earn Your Competitive Advantage

By engaging in the SIB modules, you will immerse yourself into the methods and technologies used everyday in the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility and other companies around the world. 

Set yourself apart by earning digital badges sponsored by the College of Engineering. Showcase your competitive advantage by including the badges you earned on your resume. This differentiates you from others who will be competing for exciting positions found in this rapidly growing field. 

Final Badge
Cell Culture and Plating
5 Liter Ferm
Centrifuge and Cell Harvesting
Cell Lysing
FPLC Protein Sep
TFF Buffer Exchange

How Does it Work?

For each module you complete, we issue you a badge. If you complete Biotransformation Series' six modules, we will issue you the program's final badge. 

Next Steps 

  • Join SIB 
  • Attend SIB meetings for Biotransformation Series premiers
  • View the videos
  • Complete each module's assessment
  • Achieve a passing score
  • Receive badge - earning your competitive advantage!