Each semester the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility is staffed by a number of students interns. Interns gain hands-on experience by supporting commercial clients, academic partners and internal work within the fermentation facility. They work alongside other students and are instructed by some of Penn State's brightest minds in biotechnology.

Recent interns have been highly recruited in and out of college by top companies in the biotechnology industry, such as Sartorius, Regeneron, Merck & Co and W.L. Gore & Associates.


Former CSL Behring intern and Penn State alumna, Alyssa Innes, shares her testimony of how her internship prepared her to quickly take on leadership positions at Merck & Co. and set her apart from other candidates during the interview process.


Where to begin

Most CSL Behring Fermentation Facility interns begin in the Society for Industrial Biotechnology's (SIB) volunteering shadowing program. There they learn the basic protocols and techniques used in day-to-day facility operations. At the end of most semesters, selected shadowers have the opportunity to enter the internship program.