The CSL Behring Fermentation Facility is a biotechnology pilot plant capable of research- and pilot-scale production of microbial cells, recombinant proteins, and other microbial products over a wide range of controlled conditions. The facility provides equipment and expertise to university-affiliated, independent government, and industry researchers interested in fermentation and related bioprocessing technologies. This includes cell separation and disruption, biomolecule production and purification, process monitoring, and conversion of biomass into biofuels and bio-chemicals.

Preparing future leaders

  • 54 students completed fermentation projects
  • 2 co-op students, 5 interns, and several volunteers have worked in the facility
  • 2 student learning modules created; 8 more are under development for the fall
  • 75 students joined in the inaugural student organization

2019 SIB student leadership

Supporting Penn State research

  • $83,000 have been distributed for faculty research that included student participation
  • 36 principle investigators explored a wide range of topics

A worker in the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility

Facilitating corporate and community outreach

  • 50 high-school students from New York visited, and the Discovery Space middle school camp will visit the facility this August
  • Over 200 Penn State students toured the facility and shadowed other students
  • 6 companies are conducting early stage development research
  • 1st biotechnology seminar set for fall 2019
View of the lab from outside