What We Offer


CSL Behring's generosity changed my life. In 2017, they gave a significant gift to Penn State. Their vision created the Society for Industrial Biotechnology (SIB). My 2 years of active participation in SIB programs prepared me for my career.

—Eli Yudt: Past SIB President, Penn State 2022

Our unique initiative

The connection we have with the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology (CoEIB) opens doors across Penn State and to many leading biotechnology companies. We also support CoEIB initiatives in the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility and the Sartorius Cell Culture Facility — two world class facilities where we educate our members on bioprocessing and cell culture techniques. Our society is driven to orchestrate company relationships, develop strong technical talent, and provide an avenue for a successful Penn State experience.  

Strong foundations

The gift CSL Behring awarded to Penn State jumpstarted biotechnology initiatives for future graduating classes. Acquired through CoEIB, this gift set in motion the creation of the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility and SIB. The Sartorius gift, which came soon after, drove the launch of the Sartorius Cell Culture Facility. Both facilities are incredibly valuable for student, academic, and industry workstreams.

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