Students should contact the individual Departments with questions or information on course prerequisites.


Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE)

BE 304 Engineering Properties of Food and Biological Materials
BE 308 Engineering Elements of Biochemistry and Microbiology
BE 460 Biological Engineering Design I
BE 464 Bioenergy Systems Engineering
BE 465 Food and Biological Process Engineering
BE 466W Biological Engineering Design II
BE 468 Microbiological Engineering

BRS 300: Introduction to Biorenewable Products
BRS 350: Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
BRS 417: Processing and Manufacturing Systems for Bioproducts
BRS 423: Deterioration and Protection of Bioproducts
BRS 429W: Biorenewable Systems Analysis and Management
BRS 437: Bioproduct Marketing and Sales


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

BIOTC 479 Methods in Biofermentation
BIOTC 489 Animal Cell Culture Methods
BMB 400 Molecular Biology of the Gene
BMB 442 Laboratory in Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Molecular Cloning
MCIBS 571 Current Issues in Biotechnology
MCIBS 590 Colloquium Seminar Series
MCIBS 593 Molecular Biology Laboratory
MCIBS 591 Ethics in the Life Sciences

Illustration of DNA

Department of Chemical Engineering (CE)

CH E 097 Freshman SeminarCH E 340 Introduction to Biomolecular Engineering 
CH E 438 Bioprocess Engineering 
CH E 449 Bioseparations 
CH E 501 Bioengineering Transport Phenomena

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IE)

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IE)

IE 323 Statistical Methods in Industrial Engineering 
IE 330 Engineering Analytics 
IE 434 Statistical Quality Control 
IE 476 Facility Layout and Material Handling 
IE 555 Statistical Process Monitoring and Analysis

Food science

Department of Food Science (FD SC)

FD SC 400 Food Chemistry 
FD SC 405 Food Engineering Principles 
FD SC 408 Food Microbiology
FD SC 409 Laboratory in Food Microbiology
FD SC 413 Science and Technology of Plant Foods 
FD SC 430 Unit Operations in Food Processing