Leica SP8 DIVE

The Leica SP8 DIVE is the first multiphoton microscope with spectrally tunable detection, combined with its super sensitive hybrid detectors (HyDs) which allows for detecting thousands of fluorescent markers. The SP8 DIVE provides maximum penetration depth and best contrast: The new Vario Beam Expander can be tuned for improved penetration depth of more than 1 mm and maximum resolution. Achieve more contrast and depth for multicolor, deep in vivo imaging.

Some key features of the system are listed below:

Microscope optics with high transmission efficiency out to 1300nm, optimized for IR range applications.

  • Spectra Physics Insight X3 dual beam MP laser: 680 to 1300 nm tunable and 1045 nm fixed
  • Four diode lasers for traditional confocal imaging at 405, 488nm, 552nm, and 638nm
  • Conventional FOV scanner and resonant scanner (29FPS at 512x512) for fast biological events
  • Four photon counting HyD’s for external non-descanned detection
  • FALCON – Leica’s fully integrated, and quantitative, FLIM solution
  • Prism based spectral detection for traditional confocal imaging, for simultaneous four channel, and up to 8 channel sequential imaging with descanned detectors
  • Eight (8) objective lenses  
    • HC PL APO 10x/0.40 CS2
    • HCX APO L 20x/0.5 W U-V-I-/D 3.5
    • HC IRAPO L 25x/1.00 W motCORR, WD2.6
    • HC FLUOTAR L 25x/1.00 IMM motCORR VISIR, WD6
    • HCX APO L 40X/0.80 W UVI
    • HC PL IRAPO 40x/1.10 W CORR, WD.65
    • HC PL APO 63x/1.40 OIL CS2
  • Application modules
    • DIVE Multi-Photon (2P, 3P, SHG, THG)
    • FALCON Lifetime imaging (FLIM)
    • Full capacity of conventional CLSM function
    • LIGHTNING to improve S/N, potentially resolution
    • NAVIGATOR for tile scans or multi-position imaging
    • FRAP
    • FRET