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Where Can I Learn More?

Here are the resources you can explore to learn more about insects, pollinators, land management, and Penn State programs that focus on biodiversity research, education, outreach, and extension.

Frost Entomological Museum: First founded in 1969 in honor of Dr. Stuart Frost, an early Penn State entomologist and avid collector of local insects, this museum educates visitors about arthropod collections and the importance of maintaining them. It is located on Penn State’s campus across from the Berkey Creamery.

Penn State Herbarium: The Herbarium at Penn State provides invaluable plant identification, specimen vouchering, and tours to anyone that is interested in botany or the history of the herbarium! It was first established in 1859 when Penn State’s first president, Evan Pugh, donated 3,000 specimens.

The Arboretum at Penn State: The Arboretum transforms Penn State’s research into a place of beauty and renewal, where visitors can learn about diverse plant species and communities and their importance to ecosystems and societies. It is located adjacent to Penn State’s main campus across Park Avenue.

H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens: The H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens are the jewel of the Arboretum, featuring 10 acres of themed garden spaces and another 14 acres of rolling meadows and walking paths to explore. Within the cultivated gardens, visitors will find seasonal displays, specialty gardens, water features, and a garden designed especially for children. The largest cultivated area comprises three acres of habitats and plants selected for their attractiveness to birds and pollinators.

Department of Entomology: The Penn State Department of Entomology focuses on conducting outstanding research in insect science that will improve human health, quality of life, and the sustainability of our food and ecosystems. Visit their website if you want to know more about insects in your area and hear about the cutting-edge research being conducted at Penn State!

Center for Pollinator Research: The Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State is committed to developing and implementing integrative, multidisciplinary approaches to improving pollinator health, conservation, and management for ecosystems services through research, education, outreach and policy. If you want to know more about how you can help our native pollinators, visit the Center’s website!

Ecology Institute: The Penn State Ecology Institute harnesses Penn State’s collaborative reach to drive forward ecological solutions that benefit society and the environment.

Sustainability Institute: The Sustainability Institute at Penn State reaches beyond the conventional definition of “sustainability” as we know it, creating a holistic approach for the pursuit of human health and happiness, environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations. To learn the actions you can take to live more sustainably in your everyday life, visit the Institute’s website!

Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Science: SAFES is an interdisciplinary, science-to-practice platform that studies landscapes-level challenges and accelerates solutions within a novel environment. It is founded upon the science of agricultural sustainability and integrates natural and social sciences with technological advancements, human behavior, economics, and policy.

Educational Events Around Penn State

Great Insect Fair: An annual all-ages event put on by the Department of Entomology here at Penn State, this extravaganza is all about educating the public about the importance of insects through engaging activities! These include insect zoos, honey tasting, face painting, edible insects, and more!

Wings in the Park: This event is organized by the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Centre County and partner organizations to create a fun day to celebrate butterflies, bees, and other pollinators! It takes place in Tudek Park, where State College boasts the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden, and includes a scavenger hunt, Pollinator Parade, and Discovery Garden tour! Wings in the Park is scheduled for July 22, 2020 from 10AM–2PM.