2023 INSSECT NET Careers Symposium

Our 2023 INSSECT NET Careers Symposium provided a fun and engaging online platform for undergraduate students to learn about how graduate school can lead to a rewarding and well-paying career in a STEM field.

Our mission is to showcase the diversity of careers that are available to recent Penn State Entomology graduates by introducing you to some of our PSU alums. Our alumni discussed how graduate school allowed them to pursue their career and answered questions about the graduate student experience. The symposium also introduces Penn State's annual Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), where you can get paid to come to Penn State and work in a STEM lab as part of a 10-week research internship!

You can viewed archived recordings of the symposium by scrolling through the videos listed below:

Introduction to Entomology with Natalie Boyle

Introduction to PSU Graduate Program with Gary Felton

Introduction to PSU Ecology Graduate Program with Jared Ali

Education Perspective with PSU Alum Mario Padilla

Industry Perspective with PSU Alum Raj Singh

Academic Perspective with PSU Alum Flor Acevedo

Government Perspective with PSU Alum Jermaine Hinds

Industry AgTech Perspective with PSU Alum Gabriel Villar