Fragment Analysis

To Submit Fragment Analysis Plates: 

  1. Go to iLab
  2. Login to iLab.
  3. Click on the “Request Services Tab”.
  4. In the “Fragment Analysis Request” box click on “Initiate Request”. Enter your name in the “Person” box and click “Proceed”.
  5. Download the Sample Sheet Template by clicking on “Fragment_Analysis_Plate_File.csv”. Type in Samples names using only letters, numbers and underscores (no spaces or other characters). Save the file with the plate name.
  6. To Upload the saved file, click on the “Upload or Download Data to the Grid from Excel” box, then click on “Upload a File”. The names should appear in the grid after the upload.
  7. Enter a 1 in the “Genescan (Fragment Analysis) – 96 well plate” box.
  8. Select the Size Standard and add comments if needed.
  9. Click on “save completed form” and then click on “Submit Request to Core”.
  10. Plates should be dropped off on the black desk outside Chandlee Room 413. Since there will be no order form accompanying the samples all requests must also be logged into the Sanger Log which will also be found on the black desk. Plates must be labeled with the Plate Name and/or Service ID. Information needed for the Sanger Log will be User Name, Service ID (this can be found in the “View My Request” tab in iLab), Number of Reactions, Plate Name, Date and Time that the samples are dropped off.
  11. Data will be available on Box ( An email will be sent from iLab when your data is available. Each PI will have their own folder and must share that folder with members of their lab. Data will be arranged in folders by the date the samples have been processed. Box is intended as data transfer tool. Please make arrangements for long term storage of this data elsewhere.