ICE 2024 Short Course

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International Chemical Ecology Short Course

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

June 3-14, 2024

In collaboration with Max Planck, Germany; ICIPE, Kenya; and SLU, Sweden

With special focus on: plant-plant, plant-insect and plant-insect-microbe interactions, insects and diseases, pheromones, olfactory receptors, odor processing, evolution, physiological and chemical methods, new and upcoming applications.

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Attendees to the 2024 ICE Short Course are responsible for booking their own accommodations. Some lodging and short-term rental options may be found on the following external websites:
Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

Group Photo from the 2023 International Chemical Ecology Short Course
Participants in the 2023 ICE Short Course

Lecturers/Facilitators Include:

  • Bill Hansson, Max Plank Institute for Chemical Ecology (MPI CE)
  • Ted Turlings, uniNE
  • Teun Dekker, SLU
  • Robert Raguso, Cornell University (CU)
  • Baldwyn Torto, icipe
  • Christer Löfstedt, Lund University (LU)
  • John Tooker, Penn State (PSU)
  • Markus Knaden, MPI CE
  • Jared Gregory Ali, PSU
  • Markus Stensmyr, LU
  • Gary Felton, PSU
  • Ruud Schilder, PSU
  • Clare Casteel, Cornell
  • Katja Poveda, Cornell
  • Helene Hopfer, PSU
  • John Hayes, PSU

General course outline

This immersive two-week General Chemical Ecology course is designed to convene experts, leaders, and innovators in the field of chemical ecology for an in-depth exploration and sharing of cutting-edge knowledge. Here's what participants can expect:

Duration & Structure

Spanning over two weeks, the course runs from Monday to Friday each week. Each day features up to four esteemed speakers who bring their leadership, expertise, and the latest advancements in chemical ecology to the forefront.

Interactive Sessions & Activities

Beyond lectures, the course is punctuated with interactive discussion groups every day, where materials provided by the day's speakers and the teacher-leader are explored further with the help of discussion facilitators. An enriching experiment is scheduled for one of the Saturdays, while a separate weekend day offers an excursion to explore the stunning natural areas around State College, enhancing the learning experience with real-world context. We are particularly excited to announce this year's special focus: a "Chemistry for Ecologists" day led by esteemed chemists Chris Duplais (Cornell), Chris Jefferies (University of Nevada-Reno), and Joshua Kellogg (Penn State).

Networking & Presentation Day

A full day is dedicated to participants, who will have the opportunity to present their own work, background, and experiences. This session aims at fostering introductions and networking through rapid talks or poster presentations, providing a platform for attendees to share insights and forge connections.

Meals & Refreshments

To keep minds fueled, the course includes coffee, tea, and refreshment breaks throughout each day. Lunches are provided on three out of the five weekdays (allowing 2 days for folks to be independent or meet with others separately), culminating in a hosted final dinner on the last day, celebrating the completion of the course and the connections made.

Interactive Learning Environment

Each lecturing day concludes with an interactive discussion group. These sessions are organized around the material presented by the day’s speakers and are supported by discussion facilitators, ensuring a deep dive into the day’s content and fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere.

Join us for this enriching journey into the world of chemical ecology, where theory meets practice, and connections pave the way for future collaboration and discovery.

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