Hero image for the Center for Chemical Ecology - a monarch butterfly landing on milkweed | Photo: Jack Meyer

Center for Chemical Ecology

Examining the role of chemical interactions between living organisms and their environments

In 2005, Penn State researchers and facilities united as a center of excellence to promote collaborative research and graduate education in chemical and molecular ecology. Inspired by molecules we discover in microbes, fungi, plants, and animals, we strive to mimic nature's flavors, fragrances, medicines, and toxins, and learn how to put them to use for a healthier life and cleaner environment.

The goal of the Center is to not only study connections, but to develop them across our university. As an intrinsically interdisciplinary field, bridges between academic areas will only foster new discoveries, tools and solutions for our world. We plan to develop core ‘B.A.S.E.’ areas:

Behavior, Pheromones, and Sensory Biology

Agroecology and Plant Interactions

Sensors and Artificial Intelligence

Ecophysiology, Exposome, and Exposomics

Image credit: Jack Meyer