Helene Hopfer

Associate Professor of Food Science

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Most Recent Publications

Gloria Wang, John Hayes, Gregory Ziegler, Robert Roberts, Helene Hopfer, Beverages on p. 73

Part 3: Analysis of Milk and Dairy Products: Gas Chromatography

Helene Hopfer, 2022, on p. 382-390

Talking odors - Cross-cultural understanding of odor conceptual associations

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Beer without the Buzz – Attitudinal and behavioral characteristics of low- and no-alcohol beer consumers in the Northeastern USA

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Effect of processing on the anti-inflammatory efficacy of cocoa in a high fat diet-induced mouse model of obesity

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Is the effect of familiarity on liking of odours region-specific?

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Salivary α-amylase activity and flow rate explain differences in temporal flavor perception in a chewing gum matrix comprising starch-limonene inclusion complexes.

Jennifer Goza, Gregory R. Ziegler, Josephine Wee, John Hayes, Helene Hopfer, 2022, Food Research International on p. 111573

Most-Cited Papers

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