Gary Felton

Professor and Department Head of Entomology

Gary Felton

Research Summary

Plant-herbivore interactions. Adaptive responses of herbivores to plant defenses. Herbivore cues recognized by plants with specific focus on biochemical and molecular analysis of salivary secretions.

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Most Recent Publications

Host-Specific larval lepidopteran mortality to pathogenic Serratia mediated by poor diet

Charles J. Mason, Michelle Peiffer, Gary W. Felton, Kelli Hoover, 2022, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

The dual function of elicitors and effectors from insects: reviewing the ‘arms race’ against plant defenses

Anne C. Jones, Gary W. Felton, James H. Tumlinson, 2022, Plant Molecular Biology on p. 427-445

Enterococcal symbionts of caterpillars facilitate the utilization of a suboptimal diet

Bosheng Chen, Charles J. Mason, Michelle Peiffer, Dayu Zhang, Yongqi Shao, Gary W. Felton, 2022, Journal of Insect Physiology

Jocelyn G. Millar, Stefan Schulz, Gary W. Felton, 2022, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 241-243

Charles J. Mason, Swayamjit Ray, Elizabeth Davidson-Lowe, Jared Ali, Dawn S. Luthe, Gary Felton, 2022, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Anti-Herbivore Resistance Changes in Tomato with Elevation

Sulav Paudel, Gary W. Felton, Edwin G. Rajotte, 2022, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 196-206

Concerted impacts of antiherbivore defenses and opportunistic Serratia pathogens on the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)

Charles J. Mason, Michelle Peiffer, Abbi St Clair, Kelli Hoover, Gary W. Felton, 2022, Oecologia on p. 167-178

Sorghum and maize flavonoids are detrimental to growth and survival of fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda

Debamalya Chatterjee, Tyler Lesko, Michelle Peiffer, Dinakaran Elango, Julien Beuzelin, Gary W. Felton, Surinder Chopra, 2022, Journal of Pest Science

Swati Mishra, James Dee, William Moar, Jodi Dufner-Beattie, James Baum, Naymã Pinto Dias, Andrei Alyokhin, Aaron Buzza, Silvia I. Rondon, Mark Clough, Sandy Menasha, Russell Groves, Justin Clements, Ken Ostlie, Gary Felton, Tim Waters, William E. Snyder, Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes, 2021, Scientific Reports

Most-Cited Papers

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Tritrophic Interactions

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