Gary Felton

Professor and Department Head of Entomology

Gary Felton

Research Summary

Plant-herbivore interactions. Adaptive responses of herbivores to plant defenses. Herbivore cues recognized by plants with specific focus on biochemical and molecular analysis of salivary secretions.

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Insects Insecta Bacteria Zea Mays Herbivores Tomatoes Herbivory Lycopersicon Esculentum Larva Ethylene Digestive System Helicoverpa Zea Jasmonic Acid Genes Mortality Maize Corn Saliva Enterobacteriaceae Larvae Proteins Spodoptera Frugiperda Hemiptera Phloem Microorganisms

Most Recent Publications

Integrating water and insect pest management in agriculture

Po An Lin, Sulav Paudel, Pin Chu Lai, Raj K. GC, Dan Hong Yang, Gary W. Felton, 2024, Journal of Pest Science on p. 521-538

Yongqi Shao, Charles J. Mason, Gary W. Felton, 2024, Annual Review of Entomology on p. 117-137

Feizollah A. Maleki, Irmgard Seidl-Adams, Azadeh Fahimi, Michelle L. Peiffer, Monica F. Kersch-Becker, Gary W. Felton, James H. Tumlinson, 2024, Plant, Cell and Environment on p. 122-139

Caterpillar Salivary Glucose Oxidase Decreases Green Leaf Volatile Emission and Increases Terpene Emission from Maize

Anne C. Jones, Po An Lin, Michelle Peiffer, Gary Felton, 2023, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 518-527

Helicoverpa zea–Associated Gut Bacteria as Drivers in Shaping Plant Anti-herbivore Defense in Tomato

Qinjian Pan, Ikkei Shikano, Tong Xian Liu, Gary W. Felton, 2023, Microbial Ecology on p. 2173-2182

Sorghum and maize flavonoids are detrimental to growth and survival of fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda

Debamalya Chatterjee, Tyler Lesko, Michelle Peiffer, Dinakaran Elango, Julien Beuzelin, Gary W. Felton, Surinder Chopra, 2023, Journal of Pest Science on p. 1551-1567

Charles J. Mason, Michelle Peiffer, Kelli Hoover, Gary Felton, 2023, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 313-324

Po An Lin, Jessica Kansman, Wen Po Chuang, Christelle Robert, Matthias Erb, Gary W. Felton, 2023, Journal of Experimental Botany on p. 2811-2828

Low water availability enhances volatile-mediated direct defences but disturbs indirect defences against herbivores

Po An Lin, Sulav Paudel, Nursyafiqi Bin Zainuddin, Ching Wen Tan, Anjel Helms, Jared G. Ali, Gary W. Felton, 2022, Journal of Ecology on p. 2759-2771

Most-Cited Papers

Cues from chewing insects - the intersection of DAMPs, HAMPs, MAMPs and effectors

Flor E. Acevedo, Loren J. Rivera-Vega, Seung Ho Chung, Swayamjit Ray, Gary W. Felton, 2015, Current Opinion in Plant Biology on p. 80-86

Tritrophic Interactions: Microbe-Mediated Plant Effects on Insect Herbivores

Ikkei Shikano, Cristina Rosa, Ching Wen Tan, Gary W. Felton, 2017, Annual Review of Phytopathology on p. 313-331

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Roles of ethylene and jasmonic acid in systemic induced defense in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) against helicoverpa zea

Donglan Tian, Michelle Peiffer, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Gary W. Felton, 2014, Planta on p. 577-589

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