Gary Felton

Professor and Department Head of Entomology

Gary Felton

Research Summary

Plant-herbivore interactions. Adaptive responses of herbivores to plant defenses. Herbivore cues recognized by plants with specific focus on biochemical and molecular analysis of salivary secretions.

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Most Recent Papers

Changes in tolerance and resistance of a plant to insect herbivores under variable water availability

Po An Lin, Sulav Paudel, Amin Afzal, Nancy L. Shedd, Gary W. Felton, 2021, Environmental and Experimental Botany

Top-down effects from parasitoids may mediate plant defence and plant fitness

Ching Wen Tan, Michelle L. Peiffer, Jared G. Ali, Dawn S. Luthe, Gary W. Felton, 2020, Functional Ecology on p. 1767-1778

Asymmetric Responses to Climate Change

Sulav Paudel, Po An Lin, Kelli Hoover, Gary W. Felton, Edwin G. Rajotte, 2020, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 891-905

Host plant defense produces species-specific alterations to flight muscle protein structure and flight-related fitness traits of two armyworms

Scott L. Portman, Gary W. Felton, Rupesh R. Kariyat, James H. Marden, 2020, Journal of Experimental Biology

Fungi from the black cutworm Agrotis ipsilon oral secretions mediate plant–insect interactions

Xuewei Chen, Michelle Peiffer, Ching Wen Tan, Gary W. Felton, 2020, Arthropod-Plant Interactions on p. 423-432

Induction of defensive proteins in Solanaceae by salivary glucose oxidase of Helicoverpa zea caterpillars and consequences for larval performance

Po An Lin, Michelle Peiffer, Gary W. Felton, 2020, Arthropod-Plant Interactions on p. 317-325

Oral cues are not enough

Po An Lin, Gary W. Felton, 2020, Planta

Potential Impacts of Translocation of Neonicotinoid Insecticides to Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum (Malvales

Asher G. Jones, Kelli Hoover, Kirsten Pearsons, John F. Tooker, Gary W. Felton, 2020, Environmental Entomology on p. 159-168

Diet influences proliferation and stability of gut bacterial populations in herbivorous lepidopteran larvae

Charles J. Mason, Abbi St Clair, Michelle Peiffer, Elena Gomez, Asher G. Jones, Gary W. Felton, Kelli Hoover, 2020, PLoS One on p. e0229848

Host permissiveness to baculovirus influences time-dependent immune responses and fitness costs

Qinjian Pan, Ikkei Shikano, Gary W. Felton, Tong Xian Liu, Kelli Hoover, 2020, Insect Science

Most-Cited Papers

Herbivory in the previous generation primes plants for enhanced insect resistance

Sergio Rasmann, Martin De Vos, Clare L. Casteel, Donglan Tian, Rayko Halitschke, Joel Y. Sun, Anurag A. Agrawal, Gary W. Felton, Georg Jander, 2012, Plant Physiology on p. 854-863

Herbivore exploits orally secreted bacteria to suppress plant defenses

Seung Ho Chung, Cristina Rosa, Erin D. Scully, Michelle Peiffer, John F. Tooker, Kelli Hoover, Dawn S. Luthe, Gary W. Felton, 2013, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 15728-15733

Role of trichomes in defense against herbivores

Donglan Tian, John Frazier Tooker, Michelle Peiffer, Seung Ho Chung, Gary Felton, 2012, Planta on p. 1053-1066

Microorganisms from aphid honeydew attract and enhance the efficacy of natural enemies

Pascal D. Leroy, Ahmed Sabri, Stéphanie Heuskin, Philippe Thonart, Georges Lognay, François J. Verheggen, Frédéric Francis, Yves Brostaux, Gary W. Felton, Eric Haubruge, 2011, Nature Communications

Salivary glucose oxidase from caterpillars mediates the induction of rapid and delayed-induced defenses in the tomato plant

Donglan Tian, Michelle Peiffer, Erica Shoemaker, John Frazier Tooker, Eric Haubruge, Frederic Francis, Dawn S. Luthe, Gary Felton, 2012, PLoS One

Tritrophic Interactions

Ikkei Shikano, Cristina Rosa, Ching Wen Tan, Gary Felton, 2017, Annual Review of Phytopathology on p. 313-331

Insights into the saliva of the brown marmorated stink bug Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera

Michelle Peiffer, Gary W. Felton, 2014, PLoS One

ATP hydrolyzing salivary enzymes of caterpillars suppress plant defenses

Shuang Wu, Michelle Peiffer, Dawn S. Luthe, Gary W. Felton, 2012, PLoS One

Insect eggs can enhance wound response in plants

Jinwon Kim, John Frazier Tooker, Dawn S. Luthe, Consuelo M De Moraes, Gary Felton, 2012, PLoS One

Roles of ethylene and jasmonic acid in systemic induced defense in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) against helicoverpa zea

Donglan Tian, Michelle Peiffer, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Gary W. Felton, 2014, Planta on p. 577-589