Ph.D. students in the Ecology program are typically funded for five years; master's students are funded for two years. Funding typically covers tuition (or provides a tuition waiver), plus a stipend. Some funding sources may also cover certain research costs. Please discuss funding options with your potential faculty advisors or the program chair. Students may be funded through research or teaching assistantships, fellowships, or grants.

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are coordinated through the student's faculty advisor. A limited number of research assistantships are available through funds from the Huck Institutes and the Graduate School. Additional funding may be available if the student is in an underrepresented minority.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships are available through the advisor's home department, or in special cases, through the Department of Biology, as arranged by the Ecology program.


University Graduate Fellowships may be available to highly qualified students.

Supplementary Funding

Travel Awards

Current Ecology students can apply for three awards available to a limited number of students in the program each year:

Ecology Awards

One Ecology student each year will receive this award, based on peer and faculty nominations:

Other Awards

A number of financial awards are available from internal (eg, the Grad School at Penn State) and external (eg, NSF, DOE, private donors) sources.

Additional external awards are available to Ecology graduate students. The Program Chair can help students identify opportunities.