About Options and Dual Titles

Four options are available in the Ecology program, as well as options through other related programs. Students are not required to select an option.

Current options are:

The student's adviser or the student must inform the program chair via the graduate academic course plan (available through the Huck Institutes' Graduate Education Office) about the student's intent to declare an option. The adviser must confirm to the program chair in writing when the course requirements for an option are met. Prior to the 12th week of the student's semester of graduation, the program chair must notify the Graduate School that option requirements have been met.

Dual-Title Ph.D. Degree Program in Biogeochemistry

Ecology students who also have an interest in biogeochemistry may wish to consider the Dual-Title Ph.D. Degree Program in Biogeochemistry. Ecology students in this program would graduate with a Ph.D. in ecology and biogeochemistry.