J. Brian Horton Memorial Award

The J. Brian Horton Memorial Award recognizes outstanding achievements and service to the graduate community by a student in the Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. The award is a memorial to J. Brian Horton who, during his tenure as a graduate student in Ecology, above and beyond his excellence in scholarship and research, was an untiring source of advice, help, collaboration, and inspiration to his fellow students and to faculty members. The purpose of the award is to honor outstanding students who emulate Brian.

Amount of Fund

The initial principal of this fund, in excess of $8,600, has been received as gifts to The Pennsylvania State University for the above-stated purpose from more than 80 family, friends, and colleagues of J. Brian Horton following his untimely death on March 6, 1986. Additional contributions to the award fund may be made at any time by interested persons or organizations.

Amount of Award

The number of awards given and the amount of each shall be determined by the selection committee. Awards shall be made annually from available earnings, and any income not utilized in a particular year shall be added to the principal or retained for the award together with the earnings of the following year, as determined by the chair of the Graduate Program in Ecology.

Term of Award

Each award shall be made for one academic year. Further extraordinary accomplishments by a recipient may enable that recipient to be considered again for this award.


Consideration for this award shall be given to all graduate students in the Ecology program who have been in residence at least one academic year and who have been nominated by graduate students or faculty members on the basis of the above-stated purpose.

Selection Procedure

Recipients of this award shall be selected by a selection committee, appointed by the chair of the Graduate Program in Ecology from faculty members and students in the program, and friends and family of J. Brian Horton. The Office of Student Aid, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations concerning federal, state, and other aid in accordance with University policy regarding academic scholarships under University control, shall be informed of all awards. 


The Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University shall have the authority to make any changes in these guidelines to ensure the fulfillment of the above-stated objectives.