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Applications are accepted at any time; however, to receive full consideration for fellowships and financial aid, students should apply by December 15 for admission in the following fall semester.

To apply to the Ecology graduate program, students should first contact program faculty members with whom they are interested in working to find out if they have space in their laboratories. If you would like us to help you contact faculty members, please fill out our online pre-application form. Once an appropriate match between student and faculty member has been made, students should review the admission requirements of the Penn State Graduate School.

The following documents will be required as part of the Graduate School application process: 

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement of motivations and goals
  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • Transcript(s)
  • GRE records are required to compete for certain university fellowships (general test only), but they are not required for admission

The graduate programs and Penn State Graduate School are committed to verification of application materials; therefore, please ensure that all of your documents can be readily verified as being accurate and authentic.

Admission is granted jointly by the Penn State Graduate School and the Ecology graduate program.

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