Iyunoluwa Ademola-Popoola

Anthropology Graduate Student

Katherine Blocklove

Plant Science Graduate Student

Grace Bowland

Anthropology Graduate Student

Vinicius Buiatte

Animal Science Graduate Student

Nina Rose Camillone

Soil Science Graduate Student

Josue Ceron

Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology Graduate Student

Tyler Chandross-Cohen

Food Science Graduate Student
Characterizing the effect of Bacillus cereus toxin Hemolysin BL in the organisms biofilm formation and colonization capabilities.

Tae Jung Chung

Food Science Graduate Student

Charles Colvin

Undergraduate Student
The role of flavonoid compounds on the modulation of plant-insect-microbe interactions

Charles Connolly

Food Science Graduate Student

Crystal Crabb

Anthropology Graduate Student

Uma Crouch

Plant Pathology & Environmental Microbiology Graduate Student

Peter Demartino

Food Science Graduate Student

Anuleka Dutta

Graduate Student
Developing plant-inspired actuated hybrid robots spanning from macro to nano scales

Kara Eckert

Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science Graduate Student
The effects of perennial forage crops on ecosystem services including the microbial communities associated with weed seeds in the seed bank.