Dual-Title PhD in Microbiome Sciences

Dual-Title PhD in Microbiome Sciences

Microbiome Sciences Degree at Penn State

The Microbiome Sciences Dual-Title PhD Program enables students to earn the world's 1st Doctorate Degree in the Microbiome Sciences while learning about perspectives, techniques, and methodological approaches in the field of Microbiome Science, and maintaining a close association with major program areas of study. The Microbiome Science Dual Title is available for dual titles in Anthropology, Ecology, Biology, and Plant Pathology.

The Dual Title PhD program (established in 2022) was a transformational outcome of the Penn State One Health Microbiome Center's curricular goals. This program will provide students with the intellectual foundation for integrated and mechanistic understanding of relationships within and beyond microbiomes.

Why choose a Dual-Title Degree in Microbiome Sciences?

Interdisciplinary training across Microbiome Sciences will prepare students for this rapidly growing research area in academia and government. It will also prepare students for a wide array of research careers in the private sector, including medical, agricultural, and environmental sciences, and integrated study of the sustainable approaches for managing ecosystems.

After being accepted to a major program, students should consult their major advisor about applying to the dual-title program.

Applications to the dual-title program must be submitted before your qualifying exam or by the end of year two. For more information on the application process, please visit this webpage.

Your dissertation committee must be chaired or co-chaired by a faculty member in the Microbiome Sciences.

Coursework for the dual-title degree program totals 15 credits.

  • Includes two semesters of OHMC seminar (MBIOM 550) (2 credits total)
  • Remaining credits from three categories: Microbial Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, and Bioinformatics and other Research Tools
  • Up to six credits allowed to overlap with major program

Program contact: microbiomescidt@psu.edu.