Seminar Series

Dr. Nichole Ginnan presenting at Center's Seminar

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Fall 2023 Seminar Speakers
Fall 2023 Seminar Speakers

Nominate an Internal or External Speaker

Nominations are currently closed, but will re-open mid-Fall.

Members of the One Health Microbiome Center are invited to nominate scholars who are also outstanding speakers and able to communicate interesting and relevant work to a broad, interdisciplinary audience. Nominators are encouraged to recommend speakers who fit one of the following categories, but all speaker nominations are welcome for a wide array of perspectives:

  1. Accomplished researchers including other Center leaders or HHMI/National Academy members.
  2. Scholars at any career stage who enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Early career researchers who might benefit from a speaking opportunity or consider the PSU Microbiome Center for collaborations or employment.
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