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Bridging the gap between science and global health improvement, the One Health Microbiome Center engages with diverse partners. Discover our current partners and learn how you can join this vital mission.

Current Partners



We officially partnered with QIAGEN, a leading provider of molecular research technologies, in December 2023. QIAGEN supports the Center through enhancing our research capabilities and providing biotechnology training for students. The partnership also includes testing new QIAGEN products in Penn State labs and offering internships for graduate students. More details of the partnership are outlined in a January 2024 press release.

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At the One Health Microbiome Center, we firmly believe in the transformative power of a shared commitment to the advancement of scientific research and education.

Our center is home to leading scientists in the microbiome field and is on the forefront of cutting-edge research and technologies.

If you are interested in forging a partnership, email your inquiry to Dr. Nichole Ginnan (

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