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Courses and credits required for completion of the CBIOS Training Program

The CBIOS training structure is diverse and flexible, and hence is able to prepare trainees from differing backgrounds for research and teaching involving computation and statistics of genomics data.

The total number of credits required for the completion of the CBIOS is 15, all counting towards the credit requirements for doctoral degrees in the associated programs.


A course in Bioinformatics (Select one)

  • MCIBS 554  Foundations in Data Driven Life Sciences (3)
  • CSE 566     Algorithms and Data Structure in Bioinformatics (3)

A course in Statistics (Select one)

  • STAT 555   Statistical Analysis of Genomics Data (3)
  • STAT 557   Data Mining (3)

A course in Life Sciences (Select one)

  • BIOL 405    Molecular Evolution (3)
  • BIOL 428    Population Genetics (3)

CBIOS specific courses

  • BGEN 556  CBIOS Practicum (3)
  • BGEN 541  Critical Analysis of Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Topics (3)

CBIOS Required Activities

  • Participate in one of the weekly seminars
  • Participate in monthly trainee meetings
  • Participate in once a semester ethics discussion
  • Participate in annual BG retreat
  • Participate in data reproducibility boot camp
  • Attend a workshop (optional)

Professional development activities (Select one)

  • Grant writing: Advanced training and submission of a grant proposal
  • Internship: Participate in internship activity at ECoS Office of Innovation, science communication or science policy
  • Science communication: Conduct a project in a graduate seminar
  • Visit to an academic institute: spend 2-4 weeks at another academic institution
CBIOS training program