Trainees are required to complete 11 credits of courses and participate in developmental activities.

Required Courses

  • A foundation course: (Select One)
    • BMMB 501 Concepts in Biomedical Sciences (5)
    • BMMB/MCIBS 503 Critical Elements of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (4)
  • A course in the area of metabolism
    • NUTR 445 Nutrient metabolism I (3)
  • A course in Bioinformatics or Statistics (Select One)
    • BMMB 852 Applied Bioinformatics (2)
    • STAT 555 Statistical Analysis of Genomics Data (3)
  • A course in Literature Review (Select One)
    • BMMB 502 Critical Analysis of the Biochemical, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology Scientific Literature (1)
    • MCIBS 592 Current Research Seminar (1)

Developmental Activities

Trainees are required to participate in the following activities

  • A.L. Boretree Seminar Series
  • IAMP Bi-monthly Trainee Meetings
  • Once a semester Ethics discussion
  • Monthly Metabolomic User Group Meetings
  • Mouse Biomethedology Seminar
  • Tour Metabolomic and Sequencing Core Facilities
  • IAMP Annual Retreat
  • Data Reproducibility Boot Camp
  • Annual Meetings of the Metabolomics Society or the American Society of Microbiology

Select One from the following list

  • Attend a workshop organized by a nationally recognized center
  • Do a short visitation to an academic lab
  • Industry Internship

Professional Development Activities

  • Attend a grant writing workshop
  • Attend career development seminars and activities
  • Make a research presentation at a different forum
  • Travel to meetings and conferences

Elective Courses

A short list of recommended courses available to trainees

  • BMMB 554: Foundations in Data Driven Life Sciences
  • BMMB/CHEM 573: NMR Spectroscopy for synthetic and biological chemistry
  • CH E 512: Optimization and Biological Networks 
  • FDSC 500C Fundamental of Food Science-Chemistry
  • FDSC 500D: Fundamentals of Food Science – Nutrition
  • FDSC 526 Microbial Physiology of Foodborne Organisms
  • MICRB 412 Medical Microbiology
  • NUTR 501 Regulation of Nutrient Metabolism I
  • NUTR 502 Regulation of Nutrient Metabolism II
  • NUTR 508 Critical Readings in Molecular Nutrition
  • PHYS 580 Elements of Network Science and its Applications
  • STAT 500 Applied Statistics
  • STAT 501: Regression Methods
  • VBSC 430 Principles of Toxicology
  • VBSC 451 Immunotoxicology of Drugs and Chemicals
  • VBSC 514 Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes