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Michael Mann

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science

Keefe Manning

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Surgery
Understanding the native cardiovascular system fluid mechanics; understanding the diseased cardiovascular system fluid mechanics, and the impact that cardiovascular prosthetics generate during and post implantation.

Jaime Manzano Alvarez

Entomology Graduate Student - Rasgon Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Yingwei Mao

Professor of Biology
Regulation of neurogenesis using cellular and mouse models; analysis of abnormal neural progenitor cell (NPC) proliferation and its relationship to mental illnesses; identification of drugs that can reverse mouse models of psychiatric disorders.

Costas Maranas

Donald B. Broughton Professor of Chemical Engineering
Computational studies of metabolism and gene regulation.

Stephanie Marciniak

Postdoctoral Researcher

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

James Marden

Associate Director of Operations, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences; Professor of Biology
How physiological variation within species affects their ecology and evolution. Primarily with insects, but recently also with plants, and a particular interest in allelic variation in the pathogen resistance genes of tropical trees.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Jonathan Marks

Professor of Bioethics, Humanities, and Law

Megan Marshall

Associate Teaching Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Emily Martell

Managing Director
Responsible for Huck business administration and operations management

Molly Martin

Administrative Support Assistant
Center for Reproductive Biology and Health website

Joel Masanga

Postdoctoral Researcher

Siela Maximova

Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology Co-Director, Endowed Program in the Molecular Biology of Cocoa
Molecular basis of plant-pathogen and plant-endophyte interactions. Biotechnology of tree crops. Development of sustainable energy crops.

Erynn Maynard-Bean

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jan McAllister

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology