Michael Mann

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science

Michael Mann

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Most Recent Publications

Byron A. Steinman, Nathan D. Stansell, Michael E. Mann, Colin A. Cooke, Mark B. Abbott, Mathias Vuille, Broxton W. Bird, Matthew S. Lachniet, Alejandro Fernandez, 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

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On the Estimation of Internal Climate Variability During the Preindustrial Past Millennium

Michael E. Mann, Byron A. Steinman, Daniel J. Brouillette, Alejandro Fernandez, Sonya K. Miller, 2022, Geophysical Research Letters

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Most-Cited Papers

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Tracking variable sedimentation rates and astronomical forcing in Phanerozoic paleoclimate proxy series with evolutionary correlation coefficients and hypothesis testing

Mingsong Li, Lee R. Kump, Linda A. Hinnov, Michael E. Mann, 2018, Earth and Planetary Science Letters on p. 165-179

News Articles Featuring Michael Mann

Moab just had a 100-year flood. What does that mean and how often does it happen?

For a brief moment, Chuck Williams considered not designating the natural disaster that soused Moab on Saturday a 100-year flood. Maybe the city engineer could get away with calling it a 90-year flood. Or, better yet, a 50-year flood. Something less sensational.

Irreversible declines in freshwater storage projected in parts of Asia by 2060

Most comprehensive study to date on water storage in Tibetan Plateau projects dramatic losses of freshwater storage in parts of Asia by mid-century under modest climate policy scenario

'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

The Senate’s approval of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on Sunday marks the first time the body has ever passed any significant measures to address climate change.

After 'historic' US climate bill, scientists urge global action

Scientists on Monday welcomed the passing of US President Joe Biden's "historic" climate bill while calling for other major emitters -- namely the European Union -- to follow suit and implement ambitious plans to slash emissions.

Biden’s climate agenda faces yet another obstacle: Kyrsten Sinema

The most ambitious attempt yet to pass climate legislation in the US may have surprisingly won the crucial backing of a senator who owns a coal company. Now it faces a further, deeply ironic, obstacle – a lawmaker who was once a member of the Green party.

Experts at odds over nuclear power's role in fighting climate change

One key provision in the Senate's draft Inflation Reduction Act — the first-of-its-kind climate bill in the U.S. that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change — is an improved tax credit for American nuclear power plants and funding for next-generation nuclear fuels.

People in the U.S. are suffering under intense heat warnings and heat advisories

NPR's A Martinez talks to Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State, about record-high temperatures across the U.S., which climate scientists say is attributable to climate change.

Global climate crisis hits home in the U.S. amid record heat and pervasive wildfires

A fast-spreading wildfire burning out of control in California on the doorstep of Yosemite National Park has forced thousands to flee their homes. Hot and dry conditions, linked to climate change, are making it a tough fire to fight. Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and author of “The New Climate War,” joins Geoff Bennett to discuss climate change's role.

"Climate change kills": Experts agree with Spanish prime minister's comments on wildfires in Europe

As the weather in the United Kingdom exceeds 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in history (that's more than 104 degree Fahrenheit to Americans), heat-related deaths have topped 1,100 in Spain and Portugal as wildfires blaze through the Iberian peninsula

Why this European heat wave is so scary

For two weeks, computer models teased the possibility of Britain reaching 40 Celsius (104 degrees) this week, a level unsurpassed since at least 1850 — and probably in more than 6,000 years. Meteorologists gazed at these model forecasts in disbelief, skeptical that such predictions would come true.