Siela Maximova

Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology Co-Director, Endowed Program in the Molecular Biology of Cocoa

Siela Maximova

Research Summary

Molecular basis of plant-pathogen and plant-endophyte interactions. Biotechnology of tree crops. Development of sustainable energy crops.

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Cacao Genes Theobroma Cacao Cadmium Transcription Factors Arabidopsis Genomics Evaluation Somatic Embryogenesis Colombia Embryonic Development Chocolate Gene Expression Seeds Leaves Genome Tissues Phytophthora Genotype Experiment Embryogenesis Somatic Embryos Brassica Napus Helianthus Breeding

Most Recent Publications

Daniel Guarín, Javier Martín-López, Zamir Libohova, Jhony Benavides-Bolaños, Siela N. Maximova, Mark J. Guiltinan, John Spargo, Mayesse da Silva, Alejandro Fernandez, Patrick Drohan, 2024, Geoderma Regional

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A Gil, M Brennan, Mark A. Brennan, Jr., A Chaudhary, Siela N. Maximova, 2023, Evaluation and Program Planning on p. 102230

Daniel Guarín, Nadia Hamamura, Jesús Cortez, Jhony Benavides, John Spargo, Mark Guiltinan, Siela Maximova, Otilia Acha de la Cruz, Otilia de la Cruz, Patrick Drohan, 2023, Environmental Challenges on p. 100765

Adriana M. Gallego, Luisa F. Rojas, Wilmar G. Valencia, Lucía Atehortúa, Aura I. Urrea, Andrew S. Fister, Mark J. Guiltinan, Siela Maximova, Natalia Pabón-Mora, 2021, BMC Genomics

Soil and plant genomics survey of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Region, Colombia

Z Libohova, J.M. Martín-López, M da Silva, C Lagoueyte, J Cruz, P Drohan, Siela Maximova, M Guiltinan, M.G. Ferruzzi, Daniel Guarin, P Reich, C Kome, Y.P. Zapata, G Gallego-Sánchez, C Quintero, C Botero, Noah Winters, M Robotham, 2021,

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O Tabakaeva, W Piekoszewski, T Kalenik, Siela Maximova, A Tabakaev, D Poleshyk, L Proniewicz, 2020, Foods (Basel, Switzerland)

Widely distributed variation in tolerance to Phytophthora palmivora in four genetic groups of cacao

Andrew Fister, Mariela Leandro-Muñoz, Dapeng Zhang, James H. Marden, Peter Tiffin, Claude dePamphilis, Siela Maximova, Mark J. Guiltinan, 2020, Tree Genetics and Genomes

Most-Cited Papers

Andrew S. Fister, Lena Landherr, Siela N. Maximova, Mark J. Guiltinan, 2018, Frontiers in Plant Science

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News Articles Featuring Siela Maximova

Six researchers recognized with Institute of Energy and the Environment Awards

Six Penn State researchers were recognized with Institute of Energy and the Environment’s (IEE) Research Awards at the IEE reception on Jan. 18 at the Hintz Family Alumni Center

Grants awarded to Penn State faculty for tropical ecosystems research in Belize

Three projects have been awarded seed grants as part of the Penn State-Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education Research and Education Initiative to develop agroforestry systems .

Penn State-led team to study climate-threatened Colombian Paramos’ soil microbes

Estelle Couradeau will lead an international team researching how climate change will affect soil microbes in the ecologically fragile and important Paramos ecosystem in Colombia’s Andes Mountains.

Discovery of chemical clue may lead to solving cacao's black pod rot mystery

The finding of relatively high levels of the antimicrobial compound clovamide in the leaves of a disease-resistant strain of cacao has significant implications for breeding trees that can tolerate black pod rot, according to Penn State researchers who conducted a novel study.

Novel way to ID disease-resistance genes in chocolate-producing trees found

Chocolate-producing cacao trees that are resistant to a major pathogen were identified by an international team of plant geneticists. The findings point the way for plant breeders to develop trees that are tolerant of the disease.

Global Faculty Fellow will create connections between Penn State and Colombia

Siela Maximova, research professor of plant biotechnology, has been named a Global Faculty Fellow in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences and a Land Grant University U.S.-Colombia Fulbright Scholar.

These Kids Have Come 500 Miles To Do Science And Make A Difference

The road between Arauquita, relatively near Colombia’s border with Venezuela, and the nation’s capital in Bogota stretches over 800 kilometers (500 miles), but for one week in October, a special group bridged that gap in more ways than one.

Guiltinan, Maximova receive the 2019 Kopp International Achievement Award

Mark Guiltinan, professor of plant molecular biology, and Siela Maximova, research professor of plant biotechnology, both in the College of Agricultural Sciences, are the recipients of Penn State's 2019 W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award.

Searching for Chocolate’s Roots, and Enemies, in Colombia’s Wilderness

A newfound peace has spurred the hunt for disease-resistant wild cacao within the nation’s borders.