MACSQuant Tyto – Cell Sorter

Miltenyi MACSQuant TYTO Cell Sorter

The MACSQuant Tyto is a microchip-based sorter with a closed system which operates at low pressure. The cells are contained and sorted in a sterile, single-use, disposable cartridge.

Miltenyi MACSQuant TYTO Cell Sorter


  • Cell sorting for culture or sequencing [multi-color, fluorescent protein etc.]
  • Low pressure sorting
  • Rare population enrichment
  • “Plug and play” with culture media as sorting buffer


  • Three spatially separated lasers (Violet 405nm, Blue 488nm and Red 638nm)
  • 10 parameters: 8 fluorescent parameter detectors [V2 B4 R2] and 2 light scatter detectors
  • Closed cartridge system
  • Low pressure operation (~ 3 PSI)
  • 2-way sorting of positive (sorted) cells and negative (non-sorted) cells
  • Temperature control from 4°C to 25°C
  • Pre-filtering using 20µm filter